Shingles Vaccine

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At a recent GP appointment getting the flu jab he recommended I get the shingles vaccine.  As I was due for the 4th COVID shot I could not have it then (not recommended together, although the flu and COVID ones are OK together).
I have no idea if I had the chickenpox or was vaccinated as a kid !
Anyone else advised to get the shingles shot ?


  • Afraser
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    Yep. My GP recommended it too. I am pretty sure I had chickenpox as a child and managed to avoid anything when my partner got shingles (our daughter didn’t and will forgive him in time!) but my exposure was a very long time ago. No side effects at all from the vaccination.  
  • arpie
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    I can't remember if I ever had chickenpox as a kid but my sister says I did. I remember getting measles whilst at boarding school tho ....  I wonder if a blood test can show if you have 'antibodies' showing that you DID have it?

    I think I was told I could get the shingles shot now, even tho not yet 70 .... 1 year to go!  Will get the Flu shot next time I see the GP.  Hubby had his last week.   Both had 4th booster - hubby had a bad reaction to it .... 
  • Cath62
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    Interested in this. Never had chicken pox Ed even though mum sent me to people's houses to catch it. Going to ask my gp next visit.
  • Ausmum2
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    Hey guys, just a little heads up - Vaccination (and disease) is not preventative "for life" - many things need "topping off" for want of a better description.
    As I've worked over the years in high school boarding houses, boarding facilities and remote communities, I've had boosters for all of the childhood disease immunizations.
  • June1952
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    At our 'mature' age I figured this may be the case.  Thanks for confirming that.
    A 'younger' friend recently had shingles and it was sooooo painful so we thought it was a good idea.
  • noosa_blue150
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    check with your oncologist about shingles vaccine - it’s a live vaccine and Im on targeted chemo , and was told not to get it as its not recommended for immunocompromised

    I would,have preferred to,have it (no one can deny shingles bloody awful) 
  • Glynnis
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    @noosa_blue150 I too was also told not to get it as I’m am on chemotherapy oral meds. My Dr said no as it was could give me shingles as off my immunity