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Breast Cancer Oncologists Melbourne

MMAN Member Posts: 12
Hi there, I am wondering if anyone can share positive experiences or recommendations for an oncologist in Melbourne and any that might work at Cabrini?


  • Afraser
    Afraser Member Posts: 4,191
    My oncologist is Ken Khamly. I have found him very good but he’s associated with the Epworth not Cabrini. Best wishes. 
  • Stork
    Stork Member Posts: 121
    I have been seeing Michele White for the past 4 years
    She has her practice at Cabrini Brighton 
    She has a caring manner and easy to relate to.
  • Lisa1407
    Lisa1407 Member Posts: 258
    Sherene Loi at Peter Mac. She is very involved in research, so has access to treatments that are still in development. She isn't particularly warm and fuzzy, more straight up which is what I like. I can highly recommend Sherene.
  • Christabel03
    Christabel03 Member Posts: 79
    edited April 2022
    Hello, I started my treatment in 2021 under Yoland Antill at Cabrini Malvern, she was very very good. From the first visit I felt more than comfortable with her and the treatment plan she set for me. Even on a day when I couldn't stop the tears because I was so petrified of what was happening she just held my hand and spoke with me until I was calm.  Even her receptionist was just beautiful. No hesitation to recommend her at all. 
  • Keeping_positive1
    Keeping_positive1 Member Posts: 538
    I have heard really good reports of Sherene Loi @Lisa1407 however Peter Mac being a public hospital can one choose to see her specifically, or are you given any available oncologist? 

    I go public, but not a Peter Mac, I can't choose my oncologist, I just get whoever picks up my file that day.  All have been good, but there isn't the consistency, which can be difficult to build up rapport.  As long as they can do their job, I am also not fussed about "warm and fuzzy", because at the end of the day I just want them to know the latest in treatment and developments taking place.

    @MMAN I hope you find an oncologist that is across all the latest developments in breast cancer treatments.  Take care.  

  • MMAN
    MMAN Member Posts: 12
    Thanks so much everyone. 
  • Halla
    Halla Member Posts: 184
    Hi , mine is Libby Blackley - she is very warm and kind. She works out of Epworth and Fawkner hospitals.
  • Lisa1407
    Lisa1407 Member Posts: 258
    @Keeping_positive1  and @MMAN  - if you have private cover, you can be a private patient at Peter Mac. The hospital picks up any out of pockets which is great. There are funding advantages for the hospital and not too many advantages for the patient. However, this does allow you to choose your own doctors. If you decide you want to see Sherene, just get you GP to refer you to her and then when you sign the hospital paper work choose to be a private patient. Most public hospitals will have this scheme. They have talked about getting rid of this loop hole, but haven't at this stage. Other benefits are a private room if they have one when you are admitted (but not much more). Good luck with choosing an oncologist.
  • Keeping_positive1
    Keeping_positive1 Member Posts: 538
    I might look into  private cover @Lisa1407 so tired of seeing different oncologists each time.  
  • Lisa1407
    Lisa1407 Member Posts: 258
    @Keeping_positive1 good idea. Perhaps give the hospital a call and see if someone can provide you with info. I can thoroughly recommend Peter Mac for all of their services. Good luck. xx
  • greyhound
    greyhound Member Posts: 13
    I am recently diagnosed and am being treated at Peter Mac also.
    I'm very happy with the care so far. I am seeing Prue Francis (oncologist consultant) and Cathie Poliness(consultant breast surgeon) . Both of them have been lovely and I feel like I am in good hands.
    Best of luck

  • Lisa1407
    Lisa1407 Member Posts: 258
    @greyhound Cathy and Prue do come with a great reputation. They always look very kind when I see then interacting with their patients who are waiting for appointments. You are in great hands and I hope things are going well.