Sex, Myths and Menopause ..... SBS tonight, Thurs 31/3/2022 at 9.30pm

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Apologies, ladies - I initially had the wrong channel & the wrong time!  LOL. (Must have had a Menopause Moment!) 

I know what menopause did to me & it wasn't pleasant AND it took 10 years for me to 'get thru' - only to be diagnosed with BC 20 years later & be put thru some of the symptoms, again with the AIs!   grrrr .....

They've come a long way in the last 30 years .... hopefully there will be valuable tips on what to look for & how to make it less debilitating for those who DO have a tough time of it.

If you miss it ..... you should be able to watch it later in SBS On Demand for a month or so ..... I recorded it & am watching it now .... definitely worth watching if you can.

9.30pm on SBS this evening ...

A good book to read is called the Wisdom of Menopause .... by Christiane Northrup - see if your library has it! ..... I recognised myself in the very first page below (about the rage!!). You can get it as an ebook too.

Here's a link to a site where you can download books on menopause ...