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Hair loss question

duna0972duna0972 Member Posts: 6
Hi Everyone,  so it is day 20 after my first chemo and when i washed my hair this morning I noticed that there was way more hair than usual in my hands on then on my towel when drying it..   I keep it naturally short and am going to shave it.  Today is Tuesday and my best mate is a hairdresser who is going to come over for dinner and shave it for me on Sunday.

My question is do you think it will last til Sunday, my hubby thinks it is all going to fall out before then and wants to do it tonight..  I think it will last til Sunday....

Can anyone she any light ??  


  • AfraserAfraser Member Posts: 4,021
    In my experience, once it goes it goes fast. You can of course try waiting and see what happens. Like everything with chemo, it varies! 
  • FernwehFernweh Member Posts: 65
    I am at the same stage.. I don't think mine are going to last until Sunday..
  • duna0972duna0972 Member Posts: 6
    @Afraser and @Fernweh - thanks for your comments maybe I will get hubby to shave it tonight..   my 16 yr old daughter is going to do hers too..  and she has lovely think long hair

  • FernwehFernweh Member Posts: 65
    So lovely of your daughter! I had my hair very long too and just cut it in a bob before chemo started. 
    I have donated my braids to this company in case your daughter does not know what to do with hers.. it just ada to the ‘experience’ of it all.. 


    I am sure you are both going to rock the bald look! 💃🏼🥰
  • AfraserAfraser Member Posts: 4,021
    That’s a lovely daughterly thing to do. I didn’t shave mine, but got a No 3 cut. I’d have cheerfully kept that, really liked the look!! Unfortunately when my hair grew back, I didn’t get that look, got chalk white frizz! It all sorts itself in time! 
  • ZoffielZoffiel Member Posts: 3,348
    Wise choice @duna0972 When it goes, it really goes. Be prepared, your scalp can become quite painful for a couple of days. That's normal, and passes quickly.
    The up side, if there is such a thing, is that the first shower with a bald noggin is amazing.
  • duna0972duna0972 Member Posts: 6
    @Zoffiel thanks, yes my scalp is was quite tender last night and this morning but it is OK now..    I am going to own being bald LOL.   I just hope it holds out til Sunday..   if not so be it..
  • Cath62Cath62 Member Posts: 933
    Hi @duna0972

    I was told hair falls out from day 17 of starting chemo. I shaved my to a number 1 blade as chemo started. I only had tiny hsirs then to fall out and they did at day 17 and within 4 days it was all gone. I had treatment in winter and my head was very cold so beanies and felt hats were great.

    Your daughter must be a wonderful support and very brave too. I hope your treatment goes well. Your hair will grow back quickly once treatment ends. Take care
  • cranky_grannycranky_granny Member Posts: 475
    Mine started fairly quickly. I got a crawly tingle feeling then i went bugger it even if doesn’t al fall out. Once it wad gone the horrible sensations stopped in the most part. The rest just fell out  
    the armpits then the fanny 
    its all grown back quiet nicely 
  • FufanFufan Member Posts: 26
    A friend shaved me a few weeks into my chemo in February.  I am just starting to develop some volume, and have ditched the turbans. I was told I would go curly: to a girl who has spent much of her life curly this was no surprise.  But it’s at an awkward in-between stage: “I can't do a thing with my hair!”  Has anyone else noticed hair growing faster in one area than another? It's the scalp I’m talking:  the legs have come to the party ok, and the mole on my chin.  Pubes, armpits, less so.  But why the irregular scalp growth?
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