Cancer fatigue and body aches

SteffiOZ22 Member Posts: 6
Hi all, since I got diagnosed with triple negative bc I feel like I have no energy left in my body. I hope it’s just the shock as a couple of days before reality hit I was fine. No I always want to sit or lay down. On top of this I have lower back pain and my hips feel really odd, they said they came see any Mets in my bones but it’s just such a weird feeling even when I wake up and haven’t had any weight on them. Does anyone had similar experiences???


  • Cath62
    Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 989
    Hi @SteffiOZ22, fatigue is one of the very first symptoms of cancer. I suffered fatigue terribly for a few months before being diagnosed. I just thought it was my age. I was almost 58 when diagnosed. While you said you were fine beforehand,  diagnosis is a big shock to the system and it effects everyone differently but for sure fatigue comes with the territory including all the various treatments.  Be gentle with yourself. There is so much to process, all the new terms and having to understand it all really does take it out of you. Sorry you are in this situation but it is good to reach out here as everyone here is always willing to help and support you. Best wishes to you. Feel free to ask any questions as we are all here to support each other. 
  • Zoffiel
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    @SteffiOZ22 as Cath said, fatigue is a really common component of a cancer diagnosis. It's a mentally, physically, emotionally and logistically exhausting event. 
    Feeling wobbly; mentally, physically, emotionally or logistically (you can see where I'm going with this) is also part of the deal. Your activity levels may have changed and your body may not have yet adjusted.
    It's early days, and we all wish you good luck.
    Be kind to yourself. The whole thing is horrible, but it can also be pretty interesting if you choose to look at it that way. MXX