Newly diagnosed and just started treatment

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Hey everyone, my journey started approx 10 th Jan after having my third Covid jab and getting pain under my left arm.  So as I do I start poking around and find an unusual lump (have lumpy breasts at best of times!!). I was incredibly lucky to get in to my gp on the Monday who moved heaven and earth to get mammogram and ultrasound then refer me to a breast surgeon on the Wednesday.  I had a biopsy and the results back by the Friday which confirmed HER2 positive, stage 1 (biopsy of lymph nodes was clear).  Had PET scan and all ok.  To be honest out of all of this I think waiting for the PET scan for me was the most difficult time, I just wanted to know what I was dealing with.

I’m now 3 weeks down on my chemo (weekly sessions) and doing ok so far, tired and a bit nauseous but honestly I can’t complain.  I have an amazing family and friends network and my employer and team have been fantastic.  I’ve got 2 teenage girls and I’m a single parent so I really feel for my girls and worried about them but they have good friend network too. 

I think the thing for me that has been missing is connection with people who understand what you are going through so am really glad I’ve found this network.  

I’m trying not to get ahead of myself in terms of what this means for future etc, I’m just focussed on kicking this things butt!  I’m just doing everything I can to stay positive but there are definitely moments where the gravity of this situation hits you!  I’m glad to be here and looking forward to connecting with you lovely people x



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    Dear @Lgrimsey,

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Big hugs on your treatment journey 
    I’m a single mum too -1 27yo son who is wanting to move home whilst I have treatment. I feel terrible that his own directions in life have been turned upside down for me and I’m encouraging him to focus on his own life but he is determined to move home for a few months (if not for me but for himself)
    Its hard when people think they’re helping you by ‘being firm’ on your diet and daily activities when all you need is skmekne to be present without the doom and gloom their “compassion” emits.
    This network is a godsend to talk with those in similar Situation 
    Local support networks are great too- I’m in mornington peninsula if anyone else is in area 

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    Hi @Lgrimsey,
    Sorry about your bc diagnosis but welcome to this network.There’s a real sisterhood here and a wealth of experience and knowledge.My first bc diagnosis was back in 2003 and I had 2 teenage girls at the time too- one was in her HSC year.I felt guilty and ofcourse wanted to put on a brave face for them.Infact,you find yourself putting on a brave face for everyone. You don’t have to here. You’ve started with the hardest treatment in my opinion- chemo is the pits! Just go with your body’s signals- eat what you want,rest when you want,feel miserable when you want.A lot of women embrace the bald head- I didn’t! You are wise to take each treatment at a time.It’s a long tough journey but love n support gets you through.Put yourself first now and take care of you. xx
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    Hi there
    Good you have found your way here, there is an amazing wealth of material on this website and you can search topics on this forum ( you will see there are recurring themes).
    We all on this forum  “ get it” in a way someone who has not had breast cancer never can truly get.
    No question is ever too silly or trivial on here.
    I am 18 months post  diagnosis and had double mastectomy, radiotherapy , reconstruction and am now on hormone therapy.
    The first few weeks after diagnosis are the most terrifying as you don’t really know what you are dealing with and you are still in shock.
    I also remember waiting for the petscan thinking the worst, that was one of my darkest days even though my Dr said “ it’s just for abundant caution”.
    Take it one day at  a time, try not to over think things and remember we are all here to support you.
    And stay away from “ Dr Google”.
    Take care.