Flight or fight

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A little more about my journey.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer prior to Christmas. Decided not to tell my Mum and Sister until after Christmas so Christmas wouldn’t be spoilt, had a great day so the I think although hard was the correct decision for me. Plus when I did tell them over a morning tea I had more information to give.
I had a lumpectomy and nodes removed.
The lump was upgraded after surgery so I am now on the Chemo path.
on the morning of my first chemo I awoke with the overwhelming urge to run the fear of the unknown was strong. Running was not an option so first chemo here I come.
every one was lovely and I soon felt
more at ease with the process.
( hopefully I haven’t over shared)
Has anyone else out there felt this fight / flight?


  • arpie
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    Well done on taking control and making Xmas 'easier' for your family, even tho tough on you - I did the same, @D2Dizzy - and great that you could then give them more info at the same time.  

    I think the flight/fight response is quite normal - just fear of the unknown .... and that is terrific you get on so well with your team.  The Onc Staff are a special breed of people, I find.  If you have any questions or concerns, just ring them!

    Take care & all the best for your ongoing treatment xx
  • Julez1958
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    Hi @D2Dizzy
    Don’t worry , there is no such thing as “ over sharing” on here - we are all here to support one another and despite the fact that everyone’s “ journey” with breast cancer is different , there are a lot of commonalities and we truly “ get it”.
    That must have been hard not telling people close to you at Xmas but I did the same - apart from my husband , I didn’t tell anyone until I had what I thought was sufficient information and my medical team had a concrete plan.
    I am 18 months post diagnosis and had my last major surgery in August last year ( reconstruction) , I had radiotherapy but not chemo and am now in hormone therapy.
    Take care.🌺
  • D2Dizzy
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    Thanks Arpie and julez1958.
    appreciate your thoughts.
    Take care too.
  • Cath62
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    Hi @D2Dizzy

    I had was so scared to get chemo. I am an ex nurse and even though I knew what to expect my fear of how I would react was ridiculous 😀. Now I am 1 year and 10months post diagnosis I can look back at laugh a bit. I guess the unknown can get to us all. 

    Btw there is nothing that you ever need to worry about on here in terms of sharing. No one thinks any less or any more about you for it. We are all at various stages on this breast cancer journey/story so it is wonderful to be able to share experiences and give advice to others. Ps:I don't really like the word journey. To me journey is a trip away. 
  • D2Dizzy
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    Hi Cath62 
    It is good to know and
    comforting I am not alone with my thoughts. 
    Hopefully my story will end with being able to go on a journey, and hopefully you can too soon.
  • Fernweh
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    I feel you! I am dreading chemo sooo much and I am still a few weeks away from starting it.. there is no run away option unfortunately :( 

    Wishing you all the beast! 💫 
  • D2Dizzy
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    Hi Fernweh 
    let your nurse know how you are feeling  and fears when you arrive as they will be able to support you through it.
    Take each day as it comes
    and don’t think too far a head.
    Wishing you all the best. Let us
    know you go so we can support too
  • D2Dizzy
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    chemo dose one went quite well with only a couple of hiccups 
    1 blood clot - now on thinners and 1 trip to emergency for chest pains - no problems found or cause so all good there
    Anyone else experienced these?
    dose 2 happened this morning. I get the bad taste in the mouth that makes you yuk
    anyone have any suggestions on how to minimise the taste?
    plus how are you all going?
  • MicheleR
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    Hi @D2Dizzy,

    There is a gel you can buy to put in your mouth that helps a bit with dryness qnd taste. Its called biotene oral balance. I found it helpful, i was worried id get decay as i was sucking lollies all night before i found this gel. 

    Also, i definately was ready to run away first chemo. My husband was allowed to stay with me to stop me running. I have a blood phobia and dont like medical things. Once I had the first and had a port i was in a better place to deal with it. Ive also had similar experiences for surgery. My surgeon knows and gets me in first so the anxiety doesnt build up. 

    Hope all is well
  • D2Dizzy
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    Hi MicheleR
    Thanks for the tip about the gel, I will get some and give it a try. I will let you know how I go.
    Must make things difficult with your phobia. You have done well and should be proud of yourself.
  • Caz1
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    Hi @D2Dizzy
    Absolutely. Had exactly the same feeling to run away. Mine happened when I was in the chemo chair.  My body was saying ‘get outta here!’  It was such a primal urge from deep inside me.
    This is a late reply I know but you are not alone there! I’m kinda proud of how strong I was to resist the urge.  Chemo was tough.  If I ever have to have it again I will get somebody to stay with me and hold my hand.
    Caz x