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Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with early breast cancer and scheduled to have a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy Tuesday.
Feeling like I am in a bad dream and can't wake up. Anxious about all the unknowns.


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    Anxiety at this time is normal. You have just been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. You are in the happy position (though it won’t feel like it for a while!) of being diagnosed early, when you have the very best chances of kicking it.

    Take things one day at a time. Looking too far ahead at this stage is just confusing. It may not help but life is full of unknowns - we think we have our lives planned and sorted but that’s a bit of a nice illusion. And sometimes the things we haven’t planned or anticipated can be really good. Cancer isn’t, but learning to live with the capacity to make the best of what occurs can be liberating.

    Deep breaths, you can do this, we all find strength we didn’t know we had. If you have family and friends to support you, let them know what you need (and what you don’t!).  Things get clearer when you have a treatment plan and you have something constructive to focus on. Best wishes. 
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    Thank you for your advice @Afraser. 🙏 
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    Hi @Johann, I had early breast cancer in 2020. I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy. Lucky for me no cancer in lymph. Once my surgery was done I had my treatment plan. It is a relief when the surgery is done as the cancer is out then.  I recall crying for 2 wks after diagnosis and being terrified really. But the fact is there is so much success with early breast cancer. You will be ok. Let us know how the surgery goes. Best wishes 
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    Hello @Johann.  The ladies above have said all I would say to you right now.  It is scary and confusing but just take it one step at a time, don't try to think ahead and don't Google as much of it won't be relevant to you and you would have scared yourself to bits.  Have a notebook handy so you can write things down as you think of them and don't be afraid to ask questions at appointments.  All the best for today.  💖
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    So sorry to see you here @Johann, in the club that no-one really wants to join - but you are in the right place for support and info from those who've gone before you xx

    All the best for your surgery (today?)  Hugging a small cushion in the car on the way home should prevent any 'jarring or jolts' (pot holes & gutters into the driveway).... and for a few days, it will also support your arm when you sleep xx

    Make sure you take any pain meds that are offered .... don't wait for it to 'kick in' ... 

    I know it was a huge relief to me - just knowing it was 'gone'!!   It is 4 years this week since my own surgery.  Most of us felt better again, once we get the pathology results & our 'game plan' after appts with the Medical and Radiation oncologists xx.    

    Sadly, anxiety plays a big part & goes along with the diagnosis .... but if it makes you really sad .... make sure you ask your GP/Breast Care Nurse to arrange a chat with someone who can give you coping tactics .... 

    When you've got a few spare minutes - check out this post that gives more info on the Forum - feel free to jump onto any thread & add 'your bits'! ;)  Down the bottom is a link to 'tick sheets' that may help you putting questions to your team, post-op xx

    take care & all the best xx
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    Hi @Johann
    If you didn’t feel anxiety at a BC diagnosis there would be something wrong.
    I totally had the whole “ out of body experience” starting with my diagnosis.
    This is the time to lean on  your GP - mine referred me to an amazing breast cancer surgeon who in turn referred me to other amazing professionals including my plastic surgeon , radiation oncologist and oncologist.
    I had a friend who had pre iously had bladder cancer and I rang him the moment I hit my diagnosis and he agreed he had the out of body experience too .
    hw has been a great support to me through my journey.
    I have learnt a lot from this fireman and this website - at first it seems almost overwhelming but in the quiet hours of the night when you are staring at the ceiling it’s a great place to go for information and support.
    we have all been there one way or another and no question is too silly .
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    Thank you all for your support and advice. Today's operation has gone well and I feel a sense of relief that this step has now been completed. 
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    Dear @Johann,

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Good to hear @Johann.  You must be doing OK to get on the site already !  Yes, it is always a relief to get one step over and done with.  Take care,  💖