DCIS Diagnosis - surgery considerations

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    Hi there
    its a very personal decision.
    I had a large (5.5cm) lobular cancer in left breast and I am 63.
    On the biopsy it was 4.5cm but turned out to be 5.5 .
    We went from talk of a lumpectomy ( had large E cup breasts) to a mastectomy.
    My plastic surgeon suggested a reduction in the other one so I had skin sparing mastectomy on left breast with tissue expander in anticipation of DIEP flap surgery down the track.
    Then more I researched and spoke to people who had the double with DIEP the more I thought about going the double.
    My breast cancer surgeon said he supported whatever decision I made and said there was a 10 percent chance i would get cancer in the other breast.
    I know that having a healthy breast removed might at first seem extreme but this way I don’t have the anxiety of wondering if I’ll be one of the 10 percent.
    Also you can only do the DIEP once.
    Have a look at the website “Reclaim Your Curves “ and also you can ask to join the “choosing breast reconstruction “ private group on here.
    All the best with whatever you decide.
    I am 5 months post the double DIEP surgery and don’t regret it one little bit.
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    Hi @horselover. I’m on here because I had my third diagnosis back in September.  I was diagnosed with DCIS (left breast) in 2014. At that stage I was happy to think about mastectomy but my breast surgeon felt that lumpectomy and radiation would be enough.  I have not had any further issues in that breast since then; however, this latest diagnosis in my right breast of a 1 cm invasive carcinoma has meant that I am now looking at the double mastectomy and reconstruction. I’m in Victoria, so with the backlog of surgery due to the restrictions, I’m still waiting for a date for this to happen (I had the tumour and a node biopsy done a few weeks after my diagnosis so at least it’s out).  My situation is very different to yours and I believe what is recommended has to do with lots of different factors including the size of your breasts and where the DCIS is, etc.  This forum is definitely a good one for information and support.
    Wishing you all the best with your journey xx
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    @horselover I too was diagnosed with DCIS back in Dec 2017. In fact this time, 4 years ago, I would have been in hospital recovering from my surgery! I remember how I felt on the way to see my BC surgeon for the first time...shall i have a lumpectomy/single/double mastectomy. I had read & heard so much info, my head was buzzing plus I am very bad at making decisions. When I saw my surgeon she straight away said "we will do a lumpectomy & I will take some tissue from below your breast to fill in the gap". She was so confident in her decision & after explaining the facts to me, we went ahead. I have been truly blessed with my surgery/treatment & have had no setbacks at all. I had radiotherapy but only because my DCIS was aggressive & they thought it would be the best decision. I know now, after seeing the BCNA webinar the other night, that surgeons are opting for doing less rather than more when it comes to treatments & surgery.
    I have not looked back. I am on no medication & next year will be my last time visiting my surgeon before i am let out into the world by myself without any more medical guidance. 
    As has been said above, everyones case is different & the grade/level/size of DCIS is different so there isnt a "one size fits all"...unfortunately. As you will be told by many on this forum, the ultimate decision is yours but be guided by your medical team/BC nurse & ask lots of questions. Get a second opinion too if you want. Dont research Dr Google, listen to those who will be with you throughout your cancer journey & we will all be here to help you too. Good luck with your decision & let us know what you decide.
    How many horses do you have? We have 4 including a foal born this year. Hopefully it can run fast. love & hugs xx
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    No horses Anne 65 but they have always been a big part of my life. I love to ride and its something you never forget how to do. I am over thinking and also bad at making decisions. Have been recommended to do mastectomy and DIEP/TRAM flap reconstruction but just found out that the DCIS is high grade. Im wondering if Im wasting $ by doing reconstruction immediately and would be better off doing mastectomy then 'wait and see'.

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    Hello @horselover, I had high grade extensive DCIS 7 years ago and was rushed into a mastectomy with no suggestion of reconstruction (another story).  Apparently skin and nipple sparing was not possible.
    If the surgeon thinks the grade is an issue they would not be willing to go ahead with the reconstruction as planned.  Have they mentioned whether extra treatment will be required ?
    Make a time to discuss your concerns with the medical team - you need and deserve any questions answered so you can move forward.  The surgery is big but do you want to return later when it could be done at the one operation ?
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    Thank you so much for your advice. At this stage both the breast and plastic surgeon are recommending skin saving mastectomy, nipple removal and reconstruction using tummy fat. A
    t this stage there has been no mention of additional treatment.