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Sentinel Node Biopsy First

Chrissy1121Chrissy1121 BrisbaneMember Posts: 15
Hi everyone, looking for some encouragement and advice regarding my decision. Today I was given two options regarding my surgery. I have two triple positive lumps (11mm&6mm) in the one breast.  Option 1 is a single mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy and delay reconstruction until next year after my course of chemo, herceptin possible radiation. Option 2 sentinel node biopsy only, if negative commence Chemo prior to mastectomy.  If node positive, mastectomy and more node surgery the following week.  Can't see my Plastic Surgeon until May 2022. Don't like the fact the tumours are still in my breast with option 2 even though having chemo? Not sure about chemo prior versus chemo after mastectomy. I'm starting to overthink everything tonight. I was interested in the nipple and skin sparing mastectomy but not an option if radiation necessary.


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