Hi Lateral Mastectomy

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Where can I obtain The Canadian Booklet on Breast Surgery? Surgery is Nov 22 very soon Leila 8


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    Hi @Leila8 @arpie has put a link on a post further down, I think it is the booklet you are after. 🌸
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     @Leila8 Welcome to the club that no-one ever wanted to join!  xx

    Here it is ... it gives easy to understand info on what to expect ..... tho everyone's diagnosis is different & some may need more work done than others. xx.  Make sure you ask your surgeon and/or Breast Care Nurse (or us) ANYTHING that causes you concern.  We'll do our best to support you.

    Feel free to tell us a bit more of your story up til now - you'll feel SO much better once you've had your surgery ... just ask away ANY questions .... NOTHING is off limits here.

    Where abouts are you?  Pop your town/city into your profile as other members living nearby may be able to point you to specific services in your area.  xx

    Jump onto this post for a lot of info on the Forum & some posts you may like to read - including what to take with you to hospital to make your stay 'easier' xx

    take care and all the best for your surgery xx