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It has been one year since my TC chemo and my hair is slowly growing back and I feel I need a trim.
Before my breast cancer diagnosis I didn’t have a hairdresser I went to regularly and used the cheap places. I have been apprehensive about getting my hair trimmed to remove the curls.
I feel a bit silly asking this question. 
Do I need to find a hairdresser who understands and has dealt with hair regrowth after chemo? 
I live in Narre Warren Vic if anyone could recommend one, that would be great.
Thanks Linda



  • Afraser
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    It does help if you can find a salon that is familiar with dealing with post chemo hair. I found a good one in Essendon North (hardly convenient for you) but a good, experienced hairdresser should be able to understand the situation and assist. I found regular trimming helped me manage chemo curls (and gradually cut them out). Main thing is to get someone who listens to what you want and not someone who just wants to do everything their way!! Best wishes. 
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    Hi given the prevalence of breast cancer ( 1 in 8 women) most good experienced hairdressers will have some experience of dealing with “chemo hair.”
    When I told my hairdresser ) who is very experienced) I had breast cancer he spent the rest of the session giving me chemo hair advice but it turned out I didn’t have to have chemotherapy .He was ready though!
    I am in Sydney though so no use giving you his details.