Counterpart - Webinars - HUGE number of BC topics to check out

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There are a HUGE number of BC Webinars on Counterpart ...... you can check them out here - everything from Sleep, to Mets, Fertility Preservation, Treatment Options for all stages of BC, Mindfulness, medicinal cannabis .... and MUCH MORE .... I'd actually signed up to watch their latest one on Medicinal Cannabis Workshop that was on Monday, but my BC scan recall stuffed that up - and by the time they edit it, it'll be next year before it is available to the public!

I've also saved it as a 'PDF' so that you can open it up & flick thru it 'offline' if you like - then click on any topic you are interested in & it should open up for you on the Internet!  You can save HUGE lists as a PDF & check it out at your leisure instead of always having to be 'online' .... I often do it when I find a terrific website with hundreds of copies of songs that are available to the public!  Instead of trolling thru it then & there, I 'save the webpage' as a PDF & store it for later!  ;) 


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    Thanks  Arpie.
    sonetimescir seems there is an overwhelming array of information out there!
    Its good to know where to look for the good stuff though.
    I found the Dr Charlotte Tottmen podcasts referred to above excellent ( I listed to them while doing cooking and housework) and also the blog ( and book) by the breast cancer surgeon who got breast cancer referred to above as well).