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Friday update 8 October 2021

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Friday update 8 October 2021

Hello members,

BCNA’s theme for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Connect. Support. Empower.  Therefore, I am particularly pleased to connect with you all in this Friday update. There is alot happening during the month of October and BCNA will have a number of stories and campaign initiatives to coincide with the breast cancer awareness days.

October Awareness Days:

World Mental Health Day (10th Oct)

• World Hospice & Palliative Care Day (12th Oct)

• Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day – (13th Oct)

• Male Breast Cancer Awareness Day – (20th Oct)

• Telehealth Awareness Month

Community highlights

September Online Network activity

*47 New users * 122 Contributors * 121 Discussions * 894 Comments

No New Groups

While we haven’t had any new groups to the Online Network in recent weeks. BCNA shared to the ‘Living with metastatic breast cancer’ group, details of the ‘Thursday Girls Group’ that may be of interest for women with metastatic breast cancer looking for therapeutic support:


Popular forum discussions

Members new and old may have missed some of the forum discussions that have received the most comments:

1. Friday Funnies These funny posts are welcome any day really – bringing something light hearted to the forum

credit @cranky_granny

2. Has anyone taken 'Before' and 'After' pics?

3. Very happy Birthday wishes to @primek for 27 September

4. New fees for radiation therapy as of 1-7-21

Community News

The Beacon magazine (Issue 89 – 1 Oct 2021)

The latest copy of the free mazagine can be accessed via the website or PDF as per below:

Link to the website here: http://beacon.bcna.org.au/

Link to the PDF version here: https://www.bcna.org.au/media/8319/bcna_beacon_october_fy21_final.pdf

Key topics include new podcast series, Upfront About Breast Cancer - What You Don't Know Until You Do; an unfolding genetic story that has implications for an entire family; learn about women's experiences of breast reconstruction that were revealed in our latest report and Aunty Pam talks about her involvement in the new Berlei campaign.


Clinical trials update

This information has also been shared in our Health Professionals Network News and the Metastatic Advisory Group:

·        Nivolumab neoadjuvant/adjuvant clinical trial

·        EMBRACE Phase II Olaparib clinical trial

Click on the link https://onlinenetwork.bcna.org.au/discussion/23852/clinical-trials-update#latest to view the full details of the trials in the online network discussion.

BCNA Workplace Giving Campaign relaunched

The fundraising team have relaunched the campaign to encourage people to get involved in their organisation’s workplace giving program and help BCNA ensure every one of the 20,000+ Australians diagnosed with breast cancer this year receives the best care, treatment, and support. CLICK HERE  to check out the campaign.

Webcasts and conferences REGISTER NOW!

Breast Reconstruction Options and Expectations Join us for BCNA’s virtual conference on Tuesday 12 October, 6-9pm to explore the different options of breast reconstruction that may be available to you, managing expectations, the important considerations, key findings from the BCNA survey and the emotional and physical impacts of breast reconstruction. 

Metastatic Breast Cancer -Thriving together- Living Longer, Living Stronger Join us for BCNA’s virtual conference on Thursday October 14, 6-9pm to explore new treatments on the horizon for metastatic breast cancer and an in-depth look at the management of bone metastases. We will also explore advanced care planning, the importance of connecting with others for support to enhance control and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness and strategies to help you with ‘living’ with metastatic breast cancer.

Upfront About Breast Cancer Podcast

Exciting new 10-part podcast series What You Don't Know Until You Do, with Dr Charlotte Tottman . Psychologist Charlotte Tottman’s experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer, what she learnt, and a practical look at useful strategies to help others cope with their own breast cancer experience from someone who has been there too.

BCNA Member Support Team & Online Network Moderators - Introductions

I have recently gathered information from my colleagues to present you with short introductions. It is my pleasure to introduce the manager of our Member Support Team, Kate Dixon:

Kate started with BCNA in 2012 with the information forums and managed the events team.  She has been lucky enough to have travelled all over Australia with BCNA providing information and support to thousands of women and families diagnosed with breast cancer. During the COVID-19 pandemic while these face-to-face events have been on hold, Kate moved across to the Member Support Team to provide crucial support and leadership.

Kate enjoys managing her team and seeing them make a difference to people in their time of need. During her experience with face-to-face events she enjoyed meeting with members and particularly engaging with people in rural locations.

In her spare time Kate enjoys watching a good documentary.

Books / Movies/ TV Series/ Documentaries

During the first lockdown in 2020 I discovered the audiobook by author Hugh van Cuylenburg The Resilience Project: Finding Happiness Through Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness. The lessons the author learned from underprivileged students and the work he has done since is quite incredible 


That concludes another Friday update and hope you enjoy the content.  In the meantime, if you have any concerns while online, please contact one of the moderators -

@Jenny_BCNA @Carissa_BCNA @Anna_BCNA @Pat_BCNA @MichelleP_BCNA @Mez_BCNA

If you need to speak with someone regarding your concern, please call 1800 500 258 alternatively, you can email [email protected] (We will be back on deck Monday).

Take care,

The mod team – Mez, Carissa, Jenny, Anna, Pat & Michelle

‘Resilience is very different than being numb. Resilience means you experience, you feel, you fail, you hurt, you fall. But, you keep going.’ – Yasmin Mogahed

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