Optimal care pathway for people with breast cancer

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The BCNA Member Support team would like to share the link to the quick reference guide Optimal care pathway for people with breast cancer CC
QRG Breast 2021.pdf (cancervic.org.au)

The optimal care pathways describe a model of cancer care that puts the patient at the centre of care decisions. They describe a national standard of high-quality cancer care that all Australians should expect. The aim of the model is to improve patient outcomes through promoting quality cancer care and ensuring that all people diagnosed with cancer receive the best care, irrespective of where they live or receive cancer treatment (Cancer Council VIC, 2021).

The Cancer Council are in the process of refreshing the consumer version of the optimal care pathways. You can find more information in relation to the optimal care pathways on the Cancer Council website Optimal cancer care pathways | Cancer Council


Cancer Council VIC. (2021). Optimal care pathways for people with breast cancer. https://www.cancervic.org.au/downloads/health-professionals/ocp/CC QRG Breast 2021.pdf