New Podcast on The Impact of Breast Cancer on Sexual Health: Physical Changes, Lubrication, Pleasure

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Hello everyone,

Today we launched our new podcast episode on The Impact of Breast Cancer on Sexual Health: Physical Changes, Lubrication, Pleasure.

We recommend that listeners exercise self-care when listening to this podcast, as some may find the content upsetting.

Let’s be Upfront about the impact of breast cancer on sexual health. Sex and intimacy are very personal but important parts of life. Breast cancer and treatment can affect sexual wellbeing and intimacy for each person and their partner in different ways, including experiencing loss of self-esteem due to physical changes to your body.

Joining us for this episode of Upfront is Tess Devèze (they/them). Tess is a clinical occupational therapist (OT) and certified somatic sexologist who works with people living with cancer, chronic illness, and disability to live more pleasurable and sexually healthy lives. Tess was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and has personally experienced the severe impacts treatments have on sexuality. Being a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, a sexuality clinician and a cancer survivor has given them the determination to offer support and help to as many as they can around those more ‘intimate’ challenges we face. 

We’ll hear from Tess on their lived and professional experience about the impact of breast cancer treatment on libido, arousal, desire, vaginal changes and sexual intercourse. We also learn about effective ways to restore and enhance intimacy and what options are available to help you manage the impact of treatment on your sexual wellbeing.

For more information and to listen to the podcast, please click here.