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TeabagladyTeabaglady Member Posts: 2
Hi, A couple of months ago I found a lump in my breast, a core biopsy showed it was cancer. I had a lumpectomy but there was no cancer detected. Ten days later I had a re-incision, but once again nothing! I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else out there. It would be great to think all the cancer was removed in the initial biopsy but that seems unlikely.


  • LocksleyLocksley Macedon Ranges, VictoriaMember Posts: 796
    Hi @Teabaglady welcome to bcna forum.  No this didn't happen to me just wanted to say welcome.   Have Drs said if you will need any further treatment. 
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,121
    Golly Gosh, @Teabaglady - that sounds most unusual, I would think!! I've only been on the blog since Jan 2018 - but never heard of that happening - TWICE!

    If they got it all in the biopsy - it would have been tiny as those needles aren't 'huge' - so unlikely that you would have felt it manually!   Mine was considered 'fairly small' tho my GP found it manually & the biopsy confirmed 2 lesions ... both cancerous. ..... Did they do another ultrasound on you between the surgeries to see if it still showed up? They Obviously wouldn't want to do another mammogram just yet .... too bloody sore!  It could be a more 'liquid' one than tissue .... and it popped with the biopsy?  Lots of questions to ask your surgeon!   Did he show you where it 'was' from the initial mammogram & Ultrasound?

    Take care, heal up from the surgeries & keep us in the loop with what happens next!   In the meantime, check out this post about the 'other' areas on the forum - some of them are even for fun!  Whack up pics of your art & craft & pets or your gardens, have a giggle at the 'funnies' ..... and add your own pics & comments on any of the threads or start your own!  ;) 

    Take care, all the best xx
  • TeabagladyTeabaglady Member Posts: 2
    Thanks @arpie it’s all a puzzle I am now a “person of interest” to the surgeon. I’ll be having another ultrasound in a month and we will see what happens after that. So for the next month I’ll try not to think about it and give myself a week off ☺️The initial tumour was about 14mm.
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 5,029

    Hopefully for you it's a case of how lucky was I, caught it, nipped it, all good!

    Fingers crossed that's your outcome 

    Best wishes 
    Take care
  • TonyaMTonyaM Member Posts: 2,723
    Hi @Teabaglady,
    I haven’t heard of that happening- it’s all very strange.To be able to feel a lump yourself,means it was more than just a speck.Did the radiology dr take a few core samples?Did they use wires or inject dye to locate the lump prior surgery?I guess it’s possible that all the core injections could have removed it. I’d be wondering if the core sample pathology was wrong or if the surgeon dug in the wrong spot.
    I would think an ultrasound would give you some answers. But the waiting is awful- stay busy. xx
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