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Taxol hair growth

NixNix Member Posts: 28
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Hi ladies

Just wondering if anyones hair on scalp actually grew back after AC? Mine seems to be just a little. But kind of expecting to lose it again (hopefully not 🙄) during Taxol. 

Would like to hear others experiences. 



  • AllyJayAllyJay Member Posts: 870
    I started growing peach fluff whilst still on taxol. After about three months I looked like an electrified old fashioned mango pip, and after about six months, my family called me Albert...after Albert Einstein. An explosion of wild, silvery white curls which looked as if I'd stuck one of my metal knitting needles into a plug socket.
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,889
    Yes, faint fluffy hair while still on Taxol. I wasn’t expecting it and it was a good surprise! Gradually shifted from white lambs wool to frizzy grey before getting to a much nicer colour than I’d  had before! Texture changed a bit too but all good. 
  • NixNix Member Posts: 28
  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 787
    I had a light fuzz all over my head during taxol but it didn't grow any further until that treatment ended. At least it gave me a slight coverage against the winter cold last year 😀
  • NixNix Member Posts: 28
    Mine is the same at the moment 
  • MazbethMazbeth BrisbaneMember Posts: 192
    Hi @Nix my hair definitely started growing during taxol and I didn’t lose it. As everyone has said, it was like peach fuzz and then it took off. It was really grey at first, but it is now just like my hair used to be. I was determined to just let it grow so all I did was just give it a little tidy up around the ears. I found that I started to get a mullet so I just got the back trimmed while I waited for everything else to catch up. I can now say - 1 year later - my hair is in a bob and my fringe is almost long enough to tuck behind my ears. Enjoy the new growth and have some fun with trying out headbands, clip and colours as it moves through the different lengths. I even put a pink tint through mine for the Chicks in Pink Fun Run - something I probably never would have done before all of this. Take care 😀
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