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Hi I’m new to this group but not to breast cancer! 20+ years ago I was treated for lobular breast cancer with a lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. Now my latest mammogram detected a new cancer…..same breast , different type and hormone positive this time. The fear and shock of diagnosis is probably a little less second time around but anxiety regarding treatments and outcomes is just as great. I’m scheduled to have a mastectomy with diep reconstruction on 30th June. I’ve been reading all the stories that have been posted but I’m still overwhelmed by it all. 


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    Hi @Helen22, sorry you are going through this again. It must be a big shock for you after 20 years. It is overwhelming for sure. Good you are here to get support from everyone. Hopefully your treatment will be ok. Things would have improved in 20yrs.  Best wishes to you.
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    That’s a real shock, @Helen22 ... so sorry to hear it.  Great that you’ve found us tho - if there is anything that we can help you with, just ask!

    take care and all the best for your surgery xx
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    Hi @Helen22,

    Sorry you are going through this again. It is probably just as much to deal with given the years that have passed since the first diagnosis. It would be overwhelming. As you know once things get moving, there is a plan and things settle a bit. Any surgery is daunting but we are all here.

    I havent had diep surgery but ive had a mastectomy so I can understand that part. I think it can be confronting but it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be.

    There are quite a few ladies who have had immediate reconstruction diep so they would be able to answer any questions. 

    Hugs to you x

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    Hi @Helen22 sorry to see you here after 20 years.  That would be very upsetting.  Wishing you all the best with your treatment.  I had a mastectomy but with no reconstruction.   Sending you a hug. 
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    Hello @Helen22.  Welcome.  Just to say that you are in our thoughts.  Keep in touch to chat or vent.  💖
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    Hello! Quite upsetting that it would return, yes, but the fact you were cancer free for 20+ yrs means you can beat it again, this time for good. And treatment should def be better this time round. Heaps of ladies have had a DIEP and can help you in that respect. Good luck with everything, and take it easy ♥️
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    Dear @Helen22,

    from jennyss in Western NSW
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    Sending hugs , good luck with everything and we are all hear to help if you want to vent xx
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    Hi @Helen22 So sorry to hear you are battling this a second time around.
    I recently found this online network, and I tell you the ladies on here are just wonderful. There is so much information and kindness shared on these pages. There is support and humour here too (and lets face it, we need all the humour we can get).
    Wishing you all the best the second time around, hugs to you. Be kind to yourself
    Cheers, Susan