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I had my lumpectomy on Friday, after surgery I was very breathless and coughing , they said the breathing tube had aggravated my asthma. Since I got discharged my chest feels heavy, and I’m sore in the diaphragm Ike I’ve done 500 sit ups. Post op care suggestions to improve as I m feeling a bit faint and dizzy. 


  • Halla
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    Hi @Keaharvey , I would contact your surgeon or breast care nurse about this. It sounds a bit unusual so I think you should make them aware - to check things are ok, and maybe they can recommend deep breathing exercises or something like that. I had a lumpectomy too but didn’t have these symptoms.
  • StrongCoffee
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    If your reliever medication isn't helping to improve it, I would get it checked out by a GP asap.

    I had a mastectomy with recon and have had trouble breathing deeply as the ribs on that side hurt, so I've had a bit of a rattle that the dr could hear when listening to my chest. It's not causing shallow enough breathing for me to feel light headed, nor feeling heavy in the lungs themselves.

    As your surgery was not as major, it seems like a big side effect in relation to what has been done. Hence why I would get it checked in case it's one of the complications that are a risk from any general anaesthetist surgery.
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    Hi @Keaharvey a lumpectomy is major surgery. I had this surgery along with another thing as well. I hope you contacted your surgeon or breast care nurse or GP. You should not have this level of discomfort. Take care