what are u supposed to do ??

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breast cancer two years ago , 2 weeks ago i found a lump/had it scanned  gp said just keep an eye on it see if it grows ( Its in the same area as the last one so Im freaking out).  had a ph consult with my cancer care doc ( was told it was by phone he was expecting face to face ) he wants to do a biopsy etc ( like last time )  cancer doc says the gp should have sent me for a biopsy , the surgeons would have made the decision what to do 


  • Halla
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    That sounds a bit slack of your GP! What did the scan tell you? @tisme
  • Abbydog
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    I would not have accepted a wait and see approach.
    Perhaps my Breast surgeon would have seen me, as I am still with him for follow up.
    For me I would want to know and get on with it, whatever.
    My GP didn't order enough for me in the first place Feb 2020.
    I am losing faith in GP's. I would love to have a great GP, but how do you find them?
    I hope it is nothing for you
  • SoldierCrab
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    Advocate on your own behalf is what I have learnt nearly 9yrs out from my diagnosis. 
    If I find lump or unusual symptom I advocate to have it checked out. 
    Abbydog it is hard finding good GPs but they are out there.... I travel to see my original GP as I have faith in her.. seen a few locum in new area and they just don't come up to bench mark  so I travel to see a good GP ...
    @tisme I hope that it is nothing serious maybe some scar tissue but get it checked. 
  • noosa_blue150
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    Disappointing response from the GP. I’m with soldier crab - I’m not taking any chances. I had PR bleeding at 40 , (known haemorrhoid , but it only caused grief if I was constipdated. ) I’d returned from Bali and had no bowel issues . ( if anything the opposite ) After pushing for a gastroenterology review and colonoscopy they found bowel,polyp with cancer , luckily contained in situ . Regular reviews since then mean no recurrence . I’d have been in major strife if I’d not listened to my gut feelings. 
    I’m coming to end of my main treatment now but if I suspect anything amiss I’ll be chasing answers and reviews
  • Julez1958
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    Best way to find a good GP is ask around to people you know in your area.I have a great GP ( here in Sydney) but she doesn’t bulk bill.
  • tisme
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    i finally got an appointment with the gp today ( took 10 days) ( they are busy not enough doctors ) so i gonna have it out with him 
  • BlackWidow
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    As I find it difficult to get an appointment with my preferred GP I book appointments 6 weeks ahead and cancel it if I don't need it.  Opens the books for someone in urgent need 😁