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those with hormone sensitive breast cancer , make sure u check the manufacturers website when it comes to anti depressants and such .  one was prescribed for me and before i took it i read the write ups on the the website , its not recommended for people breast cancer


  • Afraser
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    I’m glad you checked but what was your doctor thinking about? Didn’t check for you? 
  • tisme
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    the psychiatrist ......... yeah I wonder , he knew i had breast cancer it was on my referral it used to be " Physician heal thyself now the paitient has to do it " 
    i was going through hell up to tday coming down off the last med to take this new one sheesh 
  • June1952
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    I am heading for 70 and more and more I am querying the prescriptions my GP writes - and he is not a happy camper when I return the prescription saying I am no taking it because "..........".
    These GPs only prescribe what they know or are paid by the chemical companies to hand out ... the pharmacists know a bit more, or go straight to the website of the chemical company and read the Consumer/Patient information.
    It is our body and we have to be comfortable with what we shove into it ....
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    It also pays to have your meds 'audited' by the local pharmacist as well - with a list of your 'conditions' ..... quite a few do not work well together when you get a new condition!

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    I think I’ve said it before on here but you definitely need to be your own advocate