Blood Pressure changes with Chemotherapy

Abbydog Member Posts: 482
During my Paclitaxol Chemo last year I required a reduction in my anti-hypertensive drugs.
My BP is still lower than my pre cancer diagnosis. I'm going to have it reviewed again as my BP is still lower.
I haven't had any other significant changes. My weight is stable.
Has anyone else noticed a lowering of blood pressure, like I have?
It would be a great side effect, if permanent.


  • MicheleR
    MicheleR Member Posts: 343
    Hi @Abbydog,

    Unfortunately ive had the opposite. Weight stable but higher than id like. I exercised through paclitaxel chemo twice a week at an exercise medicine clinic with physios. Have just started more vigorous exercise to try to bring weight down and improve blood pressure.