Men diagnosed with breast cancer

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Hello everyone,

BCNA are keen to connect with any men currently members of our online community who have been diagnosed with early or metastatic breast cancer.  We would like to hear from you, as we plan to start some discussions regarding the current issues facing men with breast cancer and their families.

If you have some time and are interested in being involved, and connecting with other men who have been diagnosed, please email Anna with your contact details.  The meeting will be held at BCNA with the option of attending via zoom.   

We look forward to hearing from you.  For further information and to reply please email –

Thanking you
Regards Giovanna


  • BlackWidow
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    Thank you for highlighting that men are part of our community on this site.  I think sometimes they are forgotten.  Come on men, please put your voice out there.
  • Sister
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    We've had a few blokes come on here before.  It's always good to hear from them.
  • SoldierCrab
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    About bloody time BCNA ..... sorry but frustrated with lack of services and acknowledgement of men with BC on here. 

    You might get some more input if you ask Men on the facebook page for BC here is the link 
  • SoldierCrab
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    @traveltext so glad you are still around 
    always advocating for men and looking after yourself I hope. 
  • traveltext
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    Very nice @SoldierCrab love it, thanks so much! And, I'd love @BCNA to put this on their promotional martial.
  • June1952
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    It somehow seems like a step too far for them @traveltext.
    The pink may be 'recognisable' but it would not hurt to add a bit of blue !  😁
    I think this has been part of conversations over a few years but to no avail.
  • FLClover
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    You make a very good point @traveltext 😕
  • strongtogether
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    I have to say I disagree.
    BCNA do fantastic work and this is a total  non-issue. I suffer from a chronic, incurable disease which is associated with a coloured ribbon: purple. Does that mean I am ...what? Transgender? A grape? A jellyfish? It's just a coloured ribbon. That's it. The purple ribbon is a symbol that's associated with epilepsy.
    Pink ribbons are associated with breast cancer. That's it.

    "Pink is for girls and blue is for boys," said 1989. 
    Come to think about it... Pink is not "for girls" and blue is not "for boys". It's not 1989.

     Why though? Who decided that?

    In the 19th century blue was actually the color that was meant to be for girls, because it was seen as a dainty color, and pink was seen as a stronger color. 

    My experience has been that there are strong women and strong men, and that colours don't really come into it.

     In the 1960’s the women’s liberation movement through out this social norm and threw gendered colors out the window. Ultrasound scans brought them back.