Sydney oncologist recommendations - Children after early hormone positive breast cancer.

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Hi everyone, I’m trying to find a Sydney (or Wollongong) oncologist recommendation for a friend of mine. Preferably with an interest in fertility preservation/pregnancy for young cancer patients. 

My friend is only 28y & was in the process of planning for an elective double mastectomy (due to genetics), when they found Grade 2 hormone positive cancer in one breast. 

She is three weeks out from her double nipple sparing mastectomy, with a plastic surgeon in Wollongong. Even though it wasn’t in her lymph nodes, she has just been told that she will also need Chemo & hormone therapy. 

Having children in the future is very very important to her. The oncologist she saw in Wollongong essentially told her there was little chance for that, as she would need to be on hormone therapy for 5years with the precautionary removal of her ovaries at 35. 

I know each cancer case is different and very complex, but I would like her to feel like she has all the current information, exhausted every avenue, & has access to the most up-to-date modern options available. (She wasn’t even offered the option of Zoladex to protect her ovaries during chemo.)

If anyone has a recommendation for a good second opinion oncologist in Sydney/Wollongong, we would be so grateful! 

I’ve heard good things about Prof Jane Bieth & Dr Sanjeev Kumar?


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    Hi! I’ve had a consult with Dr Kumar, and I liked him a lot. He was very patient, informed and friendly. He really took his time to explain everything. I didn’t end up staying with him cos of the hospital where he worked, so I’m now with Dr Elgene Lim at the Kinghorn. He’s also very informed, and is involved in a lot of research, so I’m sure he’d know what to do in her case. Dr Kumar actually works with Dr Lim at the Kinghorn as well. Dr Lim’s new junior doctor is fantastic. She’s also very patient and helpful, and very friendly. 
    Good luck to your friend 🍀