The things people say

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Someone posted this link on fb. Enjoyed it and sharing for you all.

3 weeks ago someone suggested i juice 8 times a day, especially carrot juice. Ive been given crystals, essential oils. I was warned by well meaning friend about chemo - err sorry I said, Id like to give myself a chance. Someone else said to me "if you ever need go talk....i have a friend who had breast cancer 10 years ago, actually she has died". Bit of a conversation stopper.

What are some if your real liffe conversation killers?


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    😂😂 that was good! I like Urzila 😁. 

    Shocking comments from your friends though 😳🤦🏼‍♀️
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    😂😂 omg, that must’ve been a big crystal!!  
    I actually love crystals, but because they’re beautiful and they calm me, not because I think they’ll heal me. Your husband’s reaction was funny though 😆. 
    I do think that most people mean well, yes. But it’s frustrating for us nevertheless. I just mainly avoid the topic. 
    Tonight I saw some friends, that I hadn’t seen since September last year. One of them goes, how are you doing?? You look good!! I said that’s cos I didn’t do chemo. It’s mostly chemo that makes people look sick. I am in pain from other medication though. 
    People are just absolutely clueless 🤷🏼‍♀️.
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    I dont mind a bit of kale 😉. The juicing friend is bordering on evangelical. Ive learned to just shut up when these types of people start up, anything else encourages them.  The thing i thought was funniest was i was supposed to combine fasting with the juice drinking. What sane person recommends to a cancer parientvextreme eating?
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    @Sister...when I get some diet advise from a "Wellness Guru" I ask them this. "Well  you say that eating XYZ will strengthen my healthy cells in order to fight the cancer, how do I know that the cancer cells won't push their way to the front of the buffet queue, gobble up all the XYZ,... become even stronger and faster growing...and that they in turn eat up what's left of my healthy cells. If the one can eat this wonderfood, then so can the other." That generally shuts them up.
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    That clip was spot on!
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    @SuzanneMac oh lol, that is so funny.  At least it was a language barrier that caused that slip up. 

    To my surprise some phlebotomists suggest that my full lymph node clearance is just temporary and perhaps my lymph nodes will grow back!  Saying that I am only at risk of getting lymphodema in the first couple of years after the clearance.  Not sure where they get their training from, does make me laugh though.
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    Omg i have had so many stupid things said me such as the ones below. I actually wrote them down because I couldn't believe people say these things.

    1. "Are you better yet, get on with it!" (said after round 2 of chemo  10 rounds of chemo to go, plus radium)

    2. "Can't wait to see your bald head" "  ( said to me when diagnosed)

    3. " Show us your head" ( said after I shaved it and to someone I had explained the sensitivity of the hair loss)

    4. "You will do something great like write a book after this " ( all I want is to live a long life in peace and happiness)

    5. My friend said " I have head  around breast cancer and I think you are getting your head around it too". 

    6. "I have seen lots of bald and shaved heads so it's ok to show me" (no! It isn't about what you are comfortable with, it's about me a new what I want).

    7. " Like I said, eat, rest, sleep, walk, sleep, rest eat" 

    8. " You will need to get you acceptance at the right time" (inferring death and me accepting it. This was said when a friend visited me after I told them of my diagnosis - I had advised them the positive outcome expected from treatment but they went to the worse case)

    9. "You really can't tell the difference in your boobs, I know because I have been looking and I can't tell. Maybe it is your bra."

    10. " I take away your shit and bring it into me because I can take it because I am stronger than you, then i will send back instead golden healing light". 
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    @Cath62 Number 10 is a cracker!   :)
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    I love no. 9 @Cath62. Nothing like being gawked at when you are already feeling vulnerable. 
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    @Cath62 - I am guessing (hoping) they are no longer 'friends'.
    That is the time to ditch the insensitive idiots.
    In your hindsight you are probably having a good laugh at their expense ??
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    @June1952 the majority of these things were said by 1 person. No not a friend anymore. Just couldn't get over their comments but I don't laugh at it now 😀. 

    @MicheleR those hair or no hair comments were said by the SA person. They aren't in my life anymore. They seemed obsessed with my head 😂. At the time I was really upset but it said more about them than me.

    @Keeping_positive1 that number 10 was the last resort with this person who said most of what was on that list. They were doing some Buddhist courses and I she actually believed she could somehow take on all the side effects I was having from chemo. Seriously!!!  Once she did that she thought she could turn that energy into a golden light to heal me.  Once she said that I removed her from my life. I think she is a narcissist.  But it's a funny read now.