Anyone with implants had a mastectomy with expanders

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Hi.  I’m new to the forum.  I wish I’d known if it weeks ago...
I was diagnosed October 2020 with Invasive duct all carcinoma in my left breast.  I had a lumpectomy and 3 lymph node removed but the margins weren’t fantastic and two nodes had a couple of cells so I’ve opted for a mastectomy with lymph node clearance with inline reconstruction on the left side only.  The reconstruction will be a skin saving (?terminology?) one keeping my nipple etc, and an expander will be placed.  I have sub muscular implants currently which I understand will be removed on e surgery side but I’m wondering if anyone else has had experience with a similar surgery.  

Honestly I don’t feel comfortable with the whole situation.  My breast care nurses are abominable, I couldn’t tell you my surgeons name, and i can’t think of one interaction or appointment I’ve had over the course of my treatment which could be described as confidence building.  

Sorry to bang on but I’m all at sea here.


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    Here's a link to a site that will help you prepare and formulate questions for your medical team.  

    The information sheets are very helpful and the What to pack for Hospital was input from this forum 

    "Reclaim Your Curves - Welcome"

    It's certainly a so and so, your predicament,  however research and guidance will help you get your thoughts and ducks in line

    The BCNA website and Helpline are also a great source 

    Deep breaths
    Take care
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    Hi @ImaginationLamb

    I had a nipple sparing mastectomy on my right breast and expander put in. Reconstruction six months later with fat grafting. It sure was a very daunting and anxiety riddled time, at the beginning before and after my mastectomy I did not know what to ask my surgeon and he focused a lot on the reconstruction, now I understand why. Before my reconstruction I had time to do a lot of reading, from BCNA website, Reclaim Your Curves as iserbrown mentioned and the booklet on reconstruction from The Cancer Council available at hospitals are great resources. So I armed myself with a lot of questions for the last consultation with my surgeon before the surgery. He was great and spent the time to answer all of them. I walked out feeling more at ease and not so scared. I trusted him and had confidence in him. This is very important. All my surgeries went well and I am pleased with the results. 

    I hope you feel assured with your decisions and your medical team as it's a long term commitment. How you feel and how you are treated can make all the difference. Best wishes to you. 
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    I wonder if joining the “choosing breast reconstruction “ group here in BCNA May get you more responses ? Worth a try ?
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    @ImaginationLamb agree with @noosa_blue150 head over to the choosing breast reconstruction group. Many stories of reconstruction with lots of options. I myself had a double mastectomy with tissue expanders and just had my exchange to implant surgery this week. I also opted for fat lipofilling as i am under the muscle.
    Sending lots of love.