New boob abnormality

Hi all, I first want to say how grateful I am to everyone for sharing their stories here, they often help when I'm struggling. That said I'm finding things particularly hard at the moment. I was originally diagnosed oct 2019, her2+ er-, with large lump and lymph node involvement. I had ac then Taxol, 2 lumpectomys to get clearance and then radiation along with herceptin until Jan this year. I had a good response to treatment (pathological complete response). But this year I'm finding it so much harder! I was okish last year with a few little hiccups but this year I find myself so much more depressed with life and I don't get why. My son who is 7 has developed quite severe anxiety especially when it comes to me this year and it just seems to be getting worse no matter how much support we get him and how much energy I pour in to him.

And now this week, I reported to my breast care nurse some tenderness I had in my boob. I had told the surgeon about it on Nov when I saw him but he just said it was radiation side effects. This week the nurse felt my breast and said it was probably just scar tissue that is pulling now I am doing more exercise but recommended an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed some abnormality in the ducts near my scar tissue so now they want to biopsy which I'm having done tomorrow. I'm trying to stay calm and think that it's all fine until I know otherwise but I'm finding it hard. I don't know how my young kids will cope if it is the worst? My son is already struggling so much. I guess I just am hoping people can tell me good news stories of when they got a biopsy post cancer and it turned out to be ok.


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    Hi @Lythe,

    Sorry to hear you are in the waiting game again. Its an anxious time. Understandable.

    Im also sorry to hear you are feeling low and lots of different worries. Parenting through these things is hard. One of my children is being treated for anxiety and it weighs on me also. You are not alone if nothing else. I hope that you feel comfortable enough discussing your mental as well as physical health with your gp. We are also hear to listen. 

    One thing at a time. One foot in front of the other. 

    A friend of mine was recalled by breastscreen for a biopsy and it came back negative. It does happen! 

    Hugs to you. 

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    Hi @Lythe, sorry you have to have these tests and wait for the results. Waiting is the worst feeling. I hope it is a good result for you. Sounds like things have been really hard for you and your family. I hope you have support around you all. Many children do get anxious and sometimes the GP can help with that. For you too if depression if there, have a chat to your doctor. Lots of people get depression especially post breast cancer. There are things that can help but it does mean chatting to your dr. Again hope your results are positive. It
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    All the best for your biopsy today, @Lythe ... I had 2 call backs  on my anniversary reviews, so know what you are feeling only too well.  Xx Mine were both clear, but the delays (being rural) had me screaming and shouting at the radiology places .... so just more unnecessary stress than was needed. :(

    take care - we’ve got fingers and toes crossed for good results! Xx  if you find the stress is ‘getting to you’ and the family, please talk with the BCNA hotline or your breast care nurse on coping mechanisms xx
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    Hi @Lythe

    Sorry to hear that you have to go through the stress again.  I also had her+ /. Er+ BC diagnosed in September 2019 last year.  I have been called back for further ultrasounds / tests in the past due to having dense breast tissue. A friend of mine was called back for biopsy when something abnormal came up on the mammogram.   Biopsy showed a cyst, nothing abnormal.  

    Thinking of you, sending you hugs

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    Hi @Lythe,

    I’m sorry to hear you are struggling and also about your son. I hope you received some good news today re your test results.

    At my first yearly check up I had what they called a change in my breast tissue. They did a biopsy and thankfully i didn’t have to wait too long for the results and that it came back clear.

    I have also struggled with Anxiety for quite some time. I was seeing a therapist for a few years.  My anxiety kept manifesting in all different ways. Not least of all I would wake up first thing in the morning and feel it wash straight over me. It wasn’t until I was at work one day and my heart was beating strangely that I freaked out (was worried I might end up having a heart attack or something) and went to see a GP just to be safe. They ended up telling me that I should go on Effexor (which I wasn’t taking at the time). The added benefit being that it would also help with my hot flushes.
    I have to say, for me, the Effexor has been a life saver. But probably not something you want prescribed for your son given how young he is. Perhaps he might benefit from seeing a psychologist?
    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way xo 

  • Lythe
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    I got the results today and unfortunately it wasn't the good news I was hoping for. It is the same type of cancer back in my breast. I see the surgeon next week (he is away this week) and I'm guessing surgery, pet/ct scans and starting the whole thing again. I've got an appt with the gp tommorow to talk anti depressants (for me). I can't have effexor because I had an allergic reaction to it many years ago but we will look at others that are around. I just am a bit of a basket case right now. 
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    @lythe I’m so sorry to hear that. Yes, definitely look to see if there’s something else out there that can help. Hopefully they caught the cancer early and are able to stop it in its tracks. Sending you lots of virtual hugs and positivity xoxo
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    Oh bugger @Lythe - I am so sorry to read this - definitely not the news you wanted to hear.  :(    I can only imagine how you are feeling right now ..... I know how I would be feeling - totally devastated. :( 

    Please talk with the team here and/or your breast care nurse to access the necessary support to help you get thru this.  Scream and shout all you like here ... let it all out and we will also help you thru this. Xx

    take care xx. I know that you are feeling totally gutted and hope you have a good support network around you xx  You CAN do this xx
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    So sorry @Lythe 😢. Please make sure you have support, so ask the onc if they can provide you with a counsellor if you don’t already have one. Come back here if you need a vent and chat. You’ll be ok, just take it as easy as you can ♥️
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    Hugs x
  • Giovanna_BCNA
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    Hello @Lythe I am sorry to hear the news that your cancer has returned in your breast.  How devastating for your and your family.  Dont hesitate to call our helpline on 1800 500 258 if you need to speak with a nurse for information and or support.  Wishing you well with your upcoming treatment.  Take care of you,  
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    @Lythe sending you a hug.  xxx
  • Lythe
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    Thank you everyone. It's a tough week. I got prescribed some Avanza which has the bonus/negative that it makes me incredibly drowsy. It's good because I'm finally getting some sleep but bad because I feel like I'm never waking up! But that will settle after a little bit I'm sure. I always have big reactions to medications.

     I managed to get a PET/CT scan sorted for tomorrow so they will have those results by Monday afternoon when I see the surgeon. I'm just crossing my fingers and toes that it's just a localized recurrence. I guess we will just have to see.