Going flat with pride

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When diagnosed with early HER2+ DCIS in August (right breast), my decision was immediate. Bilateral mastectomy for me. No reconstruction.
I'm 61 years old, have been married twice and have had another 15 year relationship. I'm not looking for a man and furthermore, I don't care whether a man would find my flat chest attractive or not! :)
Another factor was the many stories I've read here and elsewhere regarding multiple surgeries and failed reconstructions. Not for me.
I also didn't want to throw radiation into the mix of treatments.
On the 18th August I underwent the surgery, with no problems. Testing of the removed breasts found another tumour in the left breast, which made my bilateral decision a good one.
Four weeks later I began chemotherapy through a port in the chest (Taxol, Herceptin) and finished the Taxol yesterday (YAY for me!). :)
I've stuck to my exercise regime throughout and have been able to keep working. To date I have only missed two days of work (touch-wood) which were post surgery, but only because I could do so from home.
Brain fog has been probably the biggest issue, due to the level of concentration needed for work. Modafinil has helped with that.
I purchased the Medicare-funded prosthesis, but haven't worn them so far. My go-to breasts for everyday are seamless, padded crop tops that you can get in any department store for around $15.00. They are light and comfortable, but I wish they came in natural fibres.
In the future I will need to navigate the whole anti-estrogen hormone thing. Hmm.
I have a long red scar across my chest, but I don't feel like it's unsightly. I'm bald, but that's temporary.
I feel like I'm in a good place. :)


  • ddon
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    Well done 😊 onward and upward. 
  • arpie
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    Good on you, @Anj_j2020 - sounds like you've 'got this'!!  Well done on your decision making & reasoning.  I am sure it may help some with their own decision making. xx

    Take care xx

  • patdug
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    Anj_j2020 - you seem sopositive and brave...inspirational actually...Good Luck with your recovery xx
  • Anj_j2020
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    @Sister, yes even the thought of having drains again! Mine had to stay in for sixteen days and I was ready to rip them out myself. :)

  • Caz1
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    @Anj_j2020 hi, I had a single mastectomy earlier this year and am seriously considering going flat next year. I’m quite looking forward to it tbh. 
    Like you I don’t really care what people think, I’m just happy to be here.  Onward and upward I say!
    Thanks for sharing 
    Caz x
  • Anj_j2020
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    @Caz1 That's great to hear. Thanks for sharing. x :)