Diep pain.

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Hello, I am 2 weeks out from my Diep recon and I was wanting to get an idea of how other people recovered. I have extreme tightness and it does not seem to be improving. I just cannot walk straight even when I really try and it is causing such terrible back pain from being hunched. I was hoping to hear from someone who could perhaps shed some light on when I may start to see/feel an improvement and when their tummy’s started to soften up and allowed them to begin to stand a little straighter xx
Thank you so much xx


  • Glemmis
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    Hi @Mic80, it is very variable. I was able to stand straight after 5 days but by then my back was extremely uncomfortable so it was more I had to stand up. I was walking daily after that but initially took it very slow & improved gradually & back at the gym & working in 4 weeks. The tightness lasted for months & I found by the end of the day it was worse & extremely uncomfortable probably from eating & tummy expanding. You are in the very early stages but it might be worth seeing a physio to get you on the right track. Do you have a follow up soon with the surgeon?
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    Hi @mic80 I am 9 months on from op. Alot was taken for my double diep and I didnt have a generous supply of spare fat. Being on the thinner side the belly tightness was extreme for weeks I think it was close to 5 weeks before I felt able to consistently stand straight, and yes, killer on my back, That us definitely longer than the literature describes. I walked around with a cushion ( rolled towel)  pressed on it while in hospital and a few weeks after. Compression gear was my saviour for the belly and back. I am in Melbourne. Basic compression wear/ spanx style garments looking  like granny undies  or shorts are easy to find in Kmart and Big W type stores. I only stopped wearing them after 6 months and sometimes feel better with them on still now for occasional long days on my feet. The scarring within the belly feels like a stiff brick being stretched up and down , to be colourful . That said,  I started playing tennis again with compression gear on after 7 weeks and the wierdness and discomfort does not stop me doing anything.  A recent appointment with plastics team was unhelpful, said nothing but massage ( they said no physio)can be  done, like massaging the scar lines should be done. (  as an aside  - silicone gel tape was excellent for ropy scars if worn for several months). Good luck to you.  Every operation is different.  Look after your back.  cheers