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Could I be about to shed again

MicheleRMicheleR South AustraliaMember Posts: 343
So im in cycle 2 of taxol (weekly) and ive previously had 4 x fortnightly ac. I lost most of my head hair with just a light smattering of stubble remains.

My whole body aches. I have a headache and every now and again I get what feels like a random head follicle pain. 

Am I about to shed again? Do you notice pain when arm and leg hair falls out?

I have a mouth full of ulcers again.

I keep wondering when the nightmare will end  


  • PV123PV123 Member Posts: 202
    Hi @MicheleR
    I did not have any pain in the arms or legs with taxol.  I lost all my hair as well.  I used to rinse my mouth with salt water several times a day which seemed to help.  If the ulcers don’t improve check with the nurse, have you been given an after hours number.
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 3,983
    I lost all my hair on A/C - head, legs, underarms, nose, the lot! But while my scalp was tender for some days before the hair fell, I had no discomfort anywhere else. I’d certainly talk to your nurse or oncologist about the degree of aches. Best wishes. 
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,249
    Sending you gentle hugs @MicheleR - lean on us to get thru this shitty treatment xx

  • MicheleRMicheleR South AustraliaMember Posts: 343
    My hair fell out in hospital then stopped abruptly.i had a week off chemo as my white cells were too low. Then my dose was reduced a bit an ac because it worked too well. On Tacol my eyebrows look a bit haggard now but not sure what will happen. 

    Hair is just a nuisance and a flag to others it doesn't matter. Just felt revolting yesterday. 
  • gumnutgumnut far north coast NSWMember Posts: 783

  • noosa_blue150noosa_blue150 Buderim QLD Member Posts: 190
    I’m mid way through taxel and herceptin , after chemo 1 AC. My hair fell out with chemo 1 and hadn’t regrown yet . Toenails have dropped off and now fingernails starting to go . The tiredness of chemo 1 has gone ( as has mouth issues , bloody nose discharge  in am ) but I do have sore muscles in legs and arms but not enough to keep me awake or seek meds for it . Main issue for me is heart issues ( ejection fraction dropped from 64 to 54 % , and hasn’t altered despite being on coversyl  meds - still waiting for cardiologist review ).being reviewed this week re surgery options - was lumpectomy at beginning of this path but I’m wavering   Thinking of mastectomy to get rid of the offending breast and tissue completely . Sorry to hear your symptoms making you feel so unwell . Has your oncologist made any suggestions to help
    out ? 
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,392
    I had follicle pain on and off through chemo. My hair actually started to grow back on taxol but completely white. However my eyebrows and eyelashes disappeared. 
    The body aches are awful on taxol  I took panadol religiously during it and occasional panadeine.
  • MicheleRMicheleR South AustraliaMember Posts: 343
    @primek, thanks that makes sense. I have a few hairs here and there that are growing but nothing useful in covering my head. Trying to work out if I should remove them or enjoying having some!  Meanwhile eyebrows look haggard.  Maybe body became used to higher ac doses and head hair not bothered by it?
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