38 temperature

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How long should I wait before I go to hospital after hitting 38 temp. Had paclitaxel today and had two toenails removed 2 weeks ago due to treatment. I don’t want to be a drama queen. I have a 6 year old son sound asleep beside me.


  • Cathyw
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    Talk to your team if your unwell...38 is not normal range. Get help
  • primek
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    I would go to hospital if I hit 38. Any infection risk with chemo should be treated early. 
  • T0mmy
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    Thank you
  • Keeping_positive1
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    We are told we are at risk of neutropenia.  Did the chemo nurses explain that to you?  I would go also if I had a temperature of 38.  Best to be safe.  
  • Hils
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    @TOmmy I  had a temp of 38 whilst having a similar chemo docetaxel and went to ed. Ended up with pneumonia . I only had a small cough now and again. Temp wouldnt go down so was admitted for a week! Best to get things checked straight away then they can give you the right antibiotics if needed.  Have you got someone who can look after your little boy, I hope so? Good luck, please get checked.💗🤗
  • T0mmy
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    Thank you so much ladies! Temp finally went down at 1230. Keeping close eye on it today and will go to hospital straight away next time. I hope you are all kicking cancers butt!!