Pet scan found positive lymph node

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Hi all, I just had all my pre chemo scans, all clear except PET scan found another positive lymph node. 6mm. 
I had 6 nodes removed with my lumpectomy 2 weeks ago and 2 came up positive and 4 were clear, but it seems there was another positive node left there. 
Has anyone else had experience with this? 
I start chemo tomorrow, will my treatment get it all? 
I’m worried. 
Did anyone change there diet to help prevent cancer? I read turmeric, grapes, cruciferous vegies and spirulina altogether is a great breast cancer fighting combo? Can anyone shed some light on this? 


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    That is stressful - I am surprised the PET picked it up when it’s that small - I was told 1 cm is the smallest it can register. I was found to have a node up on my internal mammary chain after my chemo was over (it wasn’t there prior) but before radiation. I am now waiting for a follow up CT in two weeks to see what is there now that the radiation is finished.  It was 4 mm on CT but the PET didn’t show it. 
    Talk to your team about it for some reassurance. They will have seen it before I am sure and will be able to give you their plan. The chemo will slow it down and maybe you will need axilla clearance later. I went back for second surgery after I had 5/6 positive with a lumpectomy. It feels like this nightmare is never ending sometimes. Best wishes xx
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    Hi!  Once on this roller coaster there's a heightened awareness of self, aches and pains, diet, exercise and so it keeps going......

    This link may answer one of your questions diet

    Take a deep breath and keep posting 

    Best wishes with your treatment plan

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    Hi @Lis_43

    Every day, I try to drink: a tea with ginger root, turmeric, spirulina, honey (about a teaspoon each), plus one lemon; a glass of coconut water; 50ml of Aloe Vera (morning and night-the healthy sugarfree one); a glass of warm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar; a herbal tea of some sort or kombucha; lots of water. 
    I try to eat: broccoli and asparagus about 3 times a week; a carrot, celery stick, cucumber, tomato, onion (last 3 usually in a salad with olive oil) every night; oatmeal with different types of seeds eg. hemp every breakfast; almonds and cashews, sometimes walnuts and pistachios, every day; at least 3 different types of fruit, including a banana, every morning. I drink rice milk with coffee, don’t consume any dairy and don’t eat red meat. I’ve been doing most of this a few years already. I did get bc a few months ago, but it was a lower grade, caught early, and due to the change in diet I’ve been feeling much lighter and healthier, so much more capable of going through all the surgery and treatment and healing quite well. I’ve got a lot more energy when I follow this diet. I also suffered from constipation and bloating for most of my life, until I made these changes a few years ago. Now I’m not bloated and quite regular. Makes a world of difference. So whether it prevents cancer or not we still don’t know, but it def feeds your body with what it needs to strengthen it and your immune system, so it can fight off anything it needs to, anytime, and that includes cancer. That of course goes together with exercise, and a calm mind and soul. 
    Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you 🍀😊. 
    Mon Xx