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Friday update 3 July 2020

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our Friday update.  A warm welcome to the 71 new online network members who have joined us in the last month.  The Community Info tab located in the top blue navigation bar, contains our Community Guidelines and step by step information for navigating the online community.  These two documents will help you to get started online. 

For the month of June we had 102 new discussions commenced with over 1155 comments that have helped to create great conversations and connections online.  There were over 97,666 page views so lots of online activity!   As many of our members say, ‘it’s the club that no one wants to join’, but once here you will find a welcoming online community with lots of support from fellow travelers.

Community news

1.  Still struggling with the word pre cancer after DCIS mastectomy by @averi who has been diagnosed with a low grade DCIS.

2. Good news  by @Palmbeachprincess, awesome news that your recent scan showed no evidence of disease!!

3.  On our walks  One of my favourite threads, absolutely loving your photos!

Community updates

Red Energy

Red Energy is proudly helping BCNA to provide resources that empower our members through COVID-19.  BCNA’s Online Network is one of those resources, a safe place to discuss how COVID-19 may be impacting you and to draw on the support of BCNA’s online community members.  Another resource is our COVID-19 Podcast Series which can be found in BCNA’s My Journey Online Tool. 

New Category  COVID-19

Many of you may have noticed a new Category which has been added to our listing called COVID19.  

Any new online discussions regarding COVID-19 can be added under this category. 

Adding TAGS to discussions

All new discussions in the online network need to be 'tagged' as this allows our members to search for discussions on related topics.
To tag a new discussion, go the 'Tags' box under the Announce section.  Type in the first letter of the word you would like to find and a list of words will appear.  Choose the topics that relate to your new discussion.  You can apply more than one tag to a new discussion.

Life Force Cancer Foundation

Life force Cancer Foundation has been supporting people living with cancer since 1993, with local support groups and programs in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and inner west and more recently across regional New South Wales, all run by qualified professionals.

Since Covid-19, the Lifeforce supportive care programs for people living with cancer have switched from face to face sessions and meetings to online delivery via Zoom.

There online group meets on a Thursday evening starting at 6 pm and concluding at 7.30 pm. From 6 pm to 7 pm there is group sharing guided by a qualified counsellor. This is followed by a guided meditation at 7 pm to assist participants to manage their stress and anxiety around cancer.

Lifeforce have advised BCNA that they will be starting an online carers group shortly for carers of those with cancer including those who have lost a loved one to cancer.

They currently have vacancies for new attendees in both of these groups.   If you are interested, you will need to call one of the facilitators, Jane on 0412 643 751 or Caro on 0425 296 698.  This is so they can introduce themselves, explain the group and answer any questions.  For more information visit their website


Heard a story, rumour or fanciful claim about cancer?  Not sure if it’s true, get the facts.  iheard has been created to dispel the many stories, rumours and fanciful claims about cancer.  Ask any cancer-related question and your query will be reviewed by our experts. Learn more


Fundraising Update - Pink Call out to Tradies

Inspired by 21 year old apprentice plumber Tristan McCullock, the #BCNApinktradie campaign runs until July 12 and encourages tradies to wear BCNA pink socks to work and show their support for Australians affected by breast cancer.  Learn more



Don’t forget to check out BCNA Webcasts for our latest listing of webinars available to view on demand.   You will need to register to view the webcast if you have not done so.  Once registered, you will be then be able to log in to access the webinar.  

You may also like to tune into one of BCNA Podcasts, there are over 23 podcasts to choose from!

Reflective quote

'I defeat my enemies when I make them my friends.'

Dalai Lama


Enjoy your weekend everyone, stay safe and warm!

The mod team

Giovanna, Riki, Laura, Michelle & Pat

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