Psychologist Webinar Tonight

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You may have seen an email pop into your inbox from BCNA about a webinar tonight on psychological impact of BC.  I'm hoping that it will be good as, having heard Dr Tottman speak at the conference last year, she is excellent.  So, if you've got the time, I would recommend giving it a listen.


  • ddon
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    I am hoping to listen. I feel like I need some help with my mind so looking forward to this. 
  • jennyss
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    Thanks @Sister, I will watch and listen later.
    @Giovanna_BCNA;Thanks in advance; I'm wondering if there is an email list that I and others should connect to recieve news about up-coming webinars? I did not see the information about this webinar on our Friday newsletter or the BCNA site?
  • arpie
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    Will we be able to listen/watch it later?  I hope so.  I am hopeless at remembering to watch these things!   :( 
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    @arpie yes, you definitely can watch at a later date, the webcast will be available for on-demand viewing a couple of days after the live webcast. Our on-demand webcasts can be found on our website here and also on the My Journey online tool.

    You can register for the webcast here 

    @jennyss We sent out an email invite last week that you should have received, if it is not in your inbox it may have gone to your junk or spam folder.
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    @sister Yes I am registered.   :)  Thanks for the reminder.  
  • Sister
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    I hope that you all got something out of the webinar.  I like the way Charlotte Tottman tells it straight.
  • arpie
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    Great that we'll be able to watch it afterwards again - as I missed out on the first half.  What I saw was very good.  Charlotte Tottman was very good - particularly re the fear of recurrence & how it affects her.
  • averi
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    Hi, I have just joined this network after watching tonight's webcast and there was a question asked about DCIS being referred to as pre-cancer and how this word has such a huge psychological impact even causing ptsd. This is exactly how I have been feeling so I want to seek out those who are going through this but don't know how. I have been searching through the network but am lost. Can anyone help?
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    hi @averi. Welcome to the network. I’m sure you will find people here who have had DCIS to deal with. (My cancer had progressed and already hit the lymph nodes when found.) 

    Whatever the stage the abnormal cells are at, we have all had that awful shock.

    Try calling the BCNA line during working hours? It’s great to be able to talk in a safe environment to someone who gets it.

    The psychological effects of any cancer/dcis diagnosis are huge. It’s great you have reached out and are seeking what you need. I’m almost 10 months in treatment and I’m still working on it. 

    Have you got problems sleeping or feeling anxious? Nightmares? 

    Lots love Tinks xx

  • averi
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    Hi Tinks,
    thank you for your warm welcome. 
    Problems sleeping and feeling anxious yes but no nightmares. 
  • arpie
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    Hi @averi - welcome to the blog ..... the psychological hit when diagnosed is huge and remains with us even after active treatment is over.  :(  Getting strategies to ‘cope with it’ is paramount, or it may control your life in the wrong way. 

     Perhaps jump onto the ‘newly diagnosed’ category and tell us you story, then all replies will be in the one spot. You can add your general area/city to your profile too, as we may have members nearby who may be able to help you with local services. 

    Sleep issues are common.... we have a couple of threads called Night Howls for those wide awake at 2am!

    take care ... whack up any questions that you have in a new topic, so it is easier for you to follow xx
  • Giovanna_BCNA
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    Hi @jennyss sending you a private message
  • averi
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    Thanks arpie I might just do that 
  • JMR006
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    Thank you for this webinar - just wondering if it would be ok if I showed my family - the webinar did such a good job of explaining just how I am feeling sometime - and explaining better than I ever could?
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    That should be fine, @JMR006 -  it is a public webinar - and anyone should be able to watch it, tho they may need to 'log in' to watch it.  If someone in your family is 'computer aware' they may be able to work out how to download it!

    All the best