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I had reconstruction with implants in 2012. I have just found out my left implant has ruptured. I am in a private health fund and was looking at DIEP instead of implants again, but was told the cost is $20,000. I don;t know what I will get back from my health fund and Medicare. Anyone had it done private and can give me an idea on outer pocket expense. Can not wait to go on Public waiting list.


  • mum2jjmum2jj Member Posts: 4,250
    Hi @Debbie J, II am so sorry about the implant. I had a bilateral TRAM which is similar to a DIEP. It was one big op and 2 revisions including creation of nipples. My surgeon did not charge me out of pocket for the big op which was a massive saving. I think he felt sorry for me as my op was cancelled 3 times. The anesthetist out of pocket was the most expensive at around $2300. I think all up over 3 ops it was an out of pocket of $6000. There are some surgeons around who will see you privately and then do the op publicly but you do have to wait. Or you can go private in the public system which can also be cheaper.  Maybe pop this into the choosing breast recon group as a question and others there may be able to help. 
    Good luck. 
    Paula xx
  • GlemmisGlemmis Member Posts: 342
    Hi @Debbie J, I had a right mastectomy (having had a left mastectomy in 2016) & double diep last year in the private system. Excluding the charges for the mastectomy which my breast surgeon performed I was out of pocket $14,000 for the plastic surgeon & then there were the anaesthetist’s fees on top. It was a 12 hour surgery with nearly a week in hospital. Private insurance covered the hospital fees completely. I haven’t had the nipple reconstruction which I was quoted about $5,000.  I didn’t look into the public system but I think in Sydney there is about a 2 year waiting list. 
  • Caz1Caz1 Bayside , Melbourne Member Posts: 373
    Hi @Debbie J  I have been quoted $15000. For one side DIEP. After claiming from my health fund I will be out pocket $6000. Includes all revision surgery.

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