Good and bad news

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It has been 3 years since I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, this week I had my annual check up my mammogram, ultra sound and a bone scan are normal I have been on Tamoxifen as well minimal side effects
Bad news 3 surgeons have advised me to I need a major spinal and knee operations with in 3 months, I am of the opinion the cure is worse then the problem maybe non surgical treatments are the way to go time will tell
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    OMG!  That all sounds rather 'sudden' @Stork -  you've already seen 3 surgeons .... are there any other alternitives you can look at?  I know that I will eventually need hip & knee surgery - but not immediately ( I am 2.5 years since diagnosis.)

    Assuming you would have to heal from the 1st surgery before the 2nd ..... do all 3 surgeons agree with both surgeries being necessary?

     Difficult choices .... all the best. xx
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    I'm hearing youkyou @stork. My knee needs fixing too. I'm shitting myself and don't want to do it. I've had such miserable surgical outcomes in the past, just the thought of a replacement makes me feel sick. So I keep limping. Mxx
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