Breast changes

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I am just wondering if I have any cause for concern or things are just normal (or as normal as they can be). I had a lumpectomy in August last year and finished rads in November. My affected boob is now slightly smaller than the other which I know can occur as a result of rads, but it is also obviously warmer than the other one and quite tender all over a bit like I used to get with pms (way menopausal now). Can anyone tell me whether the warmth and tenderness is something that can happen or I should be concerned? Any info would be appreciated.


  • June1952
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    My BC history is not the same as yours however anything which is of concern to you should be taken seriously.  Do you have a BC nurse who you can contact in the first instance ?  I would certainly make an appointment with your GP for reassurance if nothing else.
    I am sure other ladies will be here soon to discuss it with you.
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    I think it is not unusual for an irradiated breast to feel warm but as always, if concerned, speak to your doctor.
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    If in doubt, get checked out, @Mousie.  The warmth following radiation often lessens over a few months.  But individuals may vary.

    My affected boob was (unbeknown to me) was significantly larger than the unaffected boob - so by the time the lumpectomy was done, both are now roughly the same size!  Amazing that in my 65 years (when the lump was dectected) I had never noticed!!

    I still get the occasional 'stab' of pain (similar to what I had during radiation) and the same with tenderness.  If any of these symptoms persist - get checked out.

    All the best xx

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    Hi @Mousie,

    So three years down the track and the thing definitely has a mind of its own.  It's generally a bit warmer than the other and can get very warm after any form of physical work. Ther are hard bits, soft bits, ouchy bits and still feels weird on one side to the touch.  Somewhere between numb and super sensitive depending on the day. meh! the joys right?
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    Hi @Mousie me too! Very similar to @Kezmusc, except I’m almost five years post lumpectomy and radiation. I think my breast is worse each year as far as hardness/ lumpiness/ soreness goes. It was suggested to me recently that once I finish with arimidex, things can improve. I’m really hoping this is the case for us all. In the meantime... counting the days!