COVID19 and survivors

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Hi everyone.
I am on Zoladex and Tamoxifen (year 4). I have been informed that I am clinically at high risk if diagnosed with Coronavirus. Is anyone else in this situation?


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    I’m on femara (year 7) and no, I haven’t asked! I am seeing my oncologist (annual check only) next week and may ask but as I am 74 and have an arrhythmia, I imagine he’ll have the standard advice - stay home! On the other hand, my neighbour’s 99 year old father (in Canada, in care, tested because of another case in the home) tested positive - but completely asymptomatic and fine. I am taking considerable care on my relatively rare essential excursions (my daughter worries!) but as an otherwise healthy and active person, I can’t really imagine staying home for 12 months or more. Cancer training comes in handy - take each day as it comes, don’t imagine things that haven’t happened, look forward not back! 
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    Hi @dana1987 just wondering where you got this information as I am also on tamoxifen and zoladex? I saw my oncologist last week but he didn't mention anything. Now I am curious... ! 
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    Hi CRM. Sorry, i should have provided more details! I live in London now, and received a text and call from the NHS. My GP isn’t sure I should have received the text, so was curious if anyone else was advised. 
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    Here in Australia patients have  not  been contacted
     Your  oncologist  determines  risk..for me with stable  mets to lung  
    No low immunity just age risk factor
    At phone checkin with oncologist ..same info for my age  65+
    If your therapy affects immune system this would be the risk factor
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    It is probably a personal thing.  I am on Letrozole and it's hit my body pretty hard.  Blood test show that my immune system is struggling but my guess is it is just that the meds have worn me down rather than it being a standard side effect.
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    @Afraser, you are so right.  I had my scan last week and did the full makeup, best underwear, even put on a little perfume, amazing how good it made me feel :)  makes a nice change from the tracksuit and PJ's