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Anyone else had a PICC line?

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    Hi @vince
    i had a port inserted in my chest.  I was also diagnosed with her2 +, ER+ invasive ductal cancer in September last year.  I will also be having Herceptin till September this year.  My oncologist thought that a port may be a better option for me.  I am not really sure how a picc line works. I would ask the Onco for suggestions and what might be the best option for you.  I have finished chemo and on three weekly herceptin now.  
    Good luck with your treatment.
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    Hi @vince, a port would be alot kinder and easier than a picc line given the length of your treatment. My Mum had a picc line in for 6 weeks it was horrible as the lines stay outside your body and become a nuisance,  like being hooked up to an iv drip without the pole and bag. I had a port for my 15 months of treatment,  inserted under my upper arm under the skin. Other than the initial few weeks a bit of bruising I didn't even know it was there. Makes treatment so much easier, so I'd definitely got port over picc 
    Good luck with your treatment 
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    PICC lines need care and attention and are a source of infection so a port is way better if you can get one. But if you can’t, then a PICC is better than having to have a cannula put in every treatment, especially if you’ve had a mastectomy and can only use the veins in one arm. 
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    Hi @vince

    I had both a port and a picc line. I originally had a port which was a  great idea as they could not find my veins. Unfortunately for me, I was one of the rare cases I understand, and 4 weeks later had to have it removed in hospital due to a port infection. I then had a picc line inserted for approximately 4-5 months. It was a little more inconvenient with the cords hanging out your arm but you do adapt quickly and I didn’t find it too bad at all. You need to get it flushed once a week and the nurses wear gloves to keep it all hygienic.

    I also took blood thinner tablets to help the insertion of the picc line settle down (my insertion was a little abnormal) I was told. I also was given a cotton sleeve that I swapped each week to wear over the top. But overall the picc line made things very easy come treatment time and giving blood.

    The only other thing is in the shower you need to avoid getting it wet, so just some water proofing the area etc. helped. The nurses should advise.

    Good luck and all the best 

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    Hi vince, I had a picc line last year, it only lasted 3 weeks in my arm before it had to be removed due to blood clots.
    If I could turn back time I would have had a port put in.
    A port is a lot less noticeable compared to a picc line. With a picc line I had to wear a bandage over it at all times under clothing.
    I didn’t have a very good experience with a picc line at all.

    Good luck with your decision., you are in the right place to hear other people’s stories.
    Take care 
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