Chronic Pain - managing it. SBS TONIGHT 8.30pm

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On Insight tonight, from 8.30pm on SBS ..... Insight will be covering controlling chronic Pain.

Take care, stay safe xx


  • iserbrown
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    Was this an interesting discussion?
  • June1952
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    I also missed it so any feedback would be appreciated.  Mind you, they probably don't say anything new !
  • arpie
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    Darn - I'll have to watch it on SBS Review as I thought I'd recorded it but the gremlins got in & it didn't!  grrr
  • Beryl C.
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    I watched the episode and as Summerhill suggested there wasn't anything new - I  attended a two day Pain Management seminar (excellent) about two years ago - very informative. I took a couple of things from this - 1) this is a new reality, how you going to manage? and ....are you prepared for the long haul? 2) Find something in every day that you find satisfying - develop this habit for good mental health.
    We were also given a very detailed explanation of the drugs available for chronic pain with potential side effects. I found in this seminar that their advice, suggestions etc for chronic pain were identical to those given by BCNA, the Cancer Council and breast care nurses.
    Back to the TV - a couple of the participants reported on the problems with opioids and the benefit of specific exercises easing their pain.
    So worth watching however nothing new.
  • arpie
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    Yep, agree with @Beryl C. - It mainly covered people on opioids and at the end, mentioned the use of medicinal Cannabis Oil .... but nothing 'new' was raised.  I was hoping there would be a few  more professionals lined up, rather than just hearing from people currently on opioids.

    Take care, stay safe .... keep moving!! (I've not been doing much since the lockdown 2 weeks+ ago .... missin' my fishin')