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Good Morning All,

I am wondering if anybody could tell me what type of plain material I could put embroidery designs on for a quilt/wall hanging????
I want to put embroidery designs of animals holding the pink ribbon.  I want to raffle this off in October when out town hold pink ribbon week (that if it goes ahead)  I have a couple of ladies that will put in together for me.
PS. if you find any strange things on this website it might be me. I am not very good at things like this, facebook or emails.



  • arpie
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    @Annie C .... this might be right up your alley .....
  • Beryl C.
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    Hi - your request makes me realise how much I've forgotten about the 'essentials' of embroidery. I've just done a search on Spotlight and they have 'Prima Homespun' and '75 square Japanese Quilters Cotton' ($10 metre ). I also just checked out my g/mother's embroidered Duchess sets and the fabric is not fine, it might be a linen but not sure. Good luck! ps. love your idea :)

  • Annie C
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    Like @Beryl C, I favour homespun for my machine embroidery designs. I love designing wall hangings and quilts featuring flora and fauna of my beloved Kimberley. My two embroidery machines are in action most days. One machine was not enough!

    I no longer like using calico.  The quality does not appear to be of a good enough standard and I am finding that the weave is too loose for machine embroidery and is not stable enough to prevent warping of the embroidered area.

    If you want to "talk" machine embroidery and all things quilting, feel free to PM me. My day does not go well if I have not spent time in my sewing room.

    If you have not done so already, check out the postings on "Creative Corner".

    Have fun designing and machine embroidering your quilt and eventually post a photo when the quilt is completed in the Creative Corner discussion.