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Hi everyone, just wondering whats the best practice regarding working after Radiation in the current COVID-19?  I was diagnosed in Nov 2019, surgery Jan 2020 & Radiation March/April 2020. 
I work in a secondary school library and the last two weeks of term I’ve worked from home.  When the school returns Term 2, I’m not sure if it’s best for me to keep working from home or to head back into the school Library?  I finished my radiation (21 sessions) about a week ago so I would be considering returning to work aprox a month after.    I haven’t started my Hormone Therapy yet as I wanted to have a few weeks break from the medical merry-go-round before I stepped back on it.  
Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  
Thanks in advance 💌


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    I also work in a secondary school library and I finished chemo and rads in August 2018.  I thought that meant that I was fine but with so many people asking, I decided that I would check.  It seems that chemo can have some lasting effects and my last 2 blood tests showed that my white cell count is low.  I have not been back at work since on medical advice but I am unable to work from home due to education dept policy.  I would suggest that you have a blood test before making the decision but really, if you're given the option to work from home, that may be the best to do.
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    Thanks Sister 💐haven’t had a blood test lately but will do so in the during the next couple of weeks - I have to have a bone density test as well so this is a good time to get both done.  Thanks again 
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    Hello @BowerBird11 we have current information regarding covid 19 and early breast cancer in the My Journey online tool see link  All the best
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    I finished my radiotherapy the second week of January and I went back to full time teaching. Had chemotherapy prior to radiation. 
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    Hi Mahaica, hope you’re keeping well - thank you for your reply, I had worked full-time while going through my radiation treatments.  Then I was offered the chance to work from home, I was very pleased to be able to rest, recover & isolate myself from any possible infections.   As we are in such challenging times I thought it best to contact the BCNA group to see whats best practice.