Coping with school closures

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I am terrified of the Inevitable closure of all schools. I understand why, but I don’t think I will cope with kids home ALL the time with no support from family. With all sports and extracurricular activities already cancelled they are lacking sufficient outlets for their excess energy. School is a brief respite during the day. I already find after school to bedtime quite a challenge. I am so anxious about this. I love my kids with all my heart, but they are a real handful and I am worried sick about how I will cope. Anyone have any tips? 😢


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    I have no advice - I have had mine home nearly two weeks now because I pulled them out early. We are adjusting but it isn’t easy and I don’t have difficult kids. I am not a teacher and struggle with the school work side. And dealing with chemo fatigue and brain fog. And mother guilt that they will fall behind. I am feeling your pain. 
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    Good luck to all the parents with school aged kids  ......
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    I feel your worry though as a grandparent. My daughter has tried to work from home and do the school stuff both boys are asthmatic and on the spectrum When i got there yesterday it was pandemonium i took over so mum could get 5 minutes to herself to regroup, playing the distraction till dad got home and showered and they both took over.  I'm here today sent Their mum into the office as nothing got done yesterday 
    so far so good. Im not getting my study done. But running a tight ship so far. Tomorrow might be very different. Not sure how many i will have. As there are 2 daughters trying to do they same thing. We could be running a mini daycare centre. 
    Good luck with it all
    All of you out there this is new and strange to most people