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Confused much. There is Hormone Reduction Therapy which a lot of bc patients here are on and there is Hormone Replacement Therapy which those who don't have bc may be on. I was recommended a book in a Menopause group on face book that says you can take Hormone Replacement Therapy after breast cancer. What are we taking Hormone Reduction Therapy for then? You can read the introduction to this book by clicking on the book page.


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    Issues raised in this book appear to fit the USA patient 
    Info probably needs to be discussed with oncologist as each of us has differing diagnosis
    My take is 
    not suited to Mets BC and TNBC patients
    Lots of info research out here to read on pros and cons for HReplacement T
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    Sounds like Dodgy Bros. Inc to me.
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    Just to confuse people more the hormone blocking meds we take are also known as Endocrine Therapy.
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    I have stage 4 HER2+ BC and was told hormones ok. Maybe they figured it can’t get much worse? If you don’t have ER+ bc, then I was told HRT risk is no different than for any woman. That’s probably not helpful?