Pathology Results and onwards...

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I got my pathology results yesterday after my lumpectomy and sentinel node removal on the 24/2.  I was so relieved to learn that the cancer hasn't spread to my lymph nodes, I cried when the surgeon told me!

I'm still up for chemo for about 5 months though because mine is a triple negative, doing a CT and bone scan on Friday to double check no other cancer cells have lodged anywhere.  So still a ways to go but one less thing to worry about now. Yay!


  • PV123
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    Happy for you @kiwikris72, all the best with your treatment.
  • Mantis
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    @kiwikris72 I had a similar triple negative diagnosis just over 18 months ago and also cried with relief on hearing there were no nodes involved. 

    I did the standard five months chemo followed by radiation and am almost a full 12 months post treatment!

    My number one tip for getting through chemo is to try and stay active. So good for you physically and mentally 😊
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    @kiwikris72 congratulations, that’s great news  :)
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    Terrific, @kiwikris72 - that's a good Win!!    All the best for your next set of tests & ongoing treatment xx

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    Fantastic news
  • Giovanna_BCNA
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    Hello @kiwikris72 wishing you all the best with your treatment
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    @kiwikris72 So very pleased for your good news and such a relief! Best wishes to you, xx
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    @kiwikris72 great news! I’m having my PET scan tomorrow. We will probably be having our chemo at the same time for our TNBC. Are you doing TC or AC? 
  • kiwikris72
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    @YellowRobin sorry what's TC or AC?  I'm having my first chemo on 24 March
  • YellowRobin
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    @kiwikris72 sorry I forgot all the abbreviations are a bit much in the beginning. There are different types of chemo treatments. I’m doing what is called TC which is actually Docetaxel and Cyclophosphamide. Another common treatment is AC Doxorubin and cyclophosphamide sometimes followed by PACLitaxel. I’m no expert and really only know about the one I’m doing. Your oncologist should be discussing options with you. As others have posted there is a good guide on making choices about chemo before or after surgery. Visit the my journey online app for lots of details on chemo options. 🌸💖💕
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    Hi kiwikris72, I also was diagnosed with Triple negative BC grade 3 in October 2018,all treatment finished 5 months ago, first yearly mammogram after diagnosis and treatment all clear.
    You will be to.

    That is fantastic news, very emotional time getting results. I cried a lot during treatment when finding out results.

    I had 4 doses every fortnight dense dose AC then 12 weekly doses of Pactlitaxel, then 30 rounds of Radiotherapy.

    Wishing you all the best, you can pm me privately if you want to ask any questions or have a chat