Lymph node removal site tender

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Hi ladies,

Just wondering if the tenderness I am having at the site of my lymph node removal is normal.  I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node removal done on 24/2/20 and until the weekend just gone have had no pain or tenderness.  But over the weekend and today my lymph node wound feels quite tender and I'm just wondering if this is normal.  I don't have any swelling in my arm at all however the wound site under my dressing feels slightly more swollen compared to the same place on my other side.  I do have my followup appointments tomorrow but was just wondering if you think this increased tenderness is unusual.



  • strongtogether
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    Hi kiwikris 
    It is quite normal. It will hurt for a while.
    Good luck tomorrow. 
  • kiwikris72
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    Thank you @strongtogether
  • Blossom1961
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    Hi @kiwikris72 As the anaesthetic wears off you will be able to feel it more. Mine is still numb more than fifteen months later but the nerve endings did make the site feel tender as they healed.
  • CRM
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    The lymph node removal area can be really painful and takes a while to heal. Try to gently stretch your arm and massage the area regularly x 
  • kmakm
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    Your body is healing, trying to work round the damage, so it is quite likely to be quite sensitive and/or painful for a while.

    Last week I asked my oncologist why the sides of my rib cages next to where my breasts were, were so tender to pressure. She said they probably would always be like that because of the amount of cutting that had been done on the area (a double mastectomy). K xox
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    @kiwikris72 agree with the others coming up to 3 years since surgery with Only 4 nodes removed and i still get sore area under the arm. Especially if I’ve done the bra up too tight (had breast  conserving surgery so i still need to wear one) it doesn’t happen that often now thankfully. 
    it will settle down and don't forget your exercises they are most important in recovery. 

  • Jwrenn
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    Thanks for asking the question @kiwikris72, I’ve had the same. My lump was on 19/2 and I only had one node removed but was wondering why it feels sorer now than when I saw the breast care nurse last week for a wound check.
  • Jwrenn
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    Supposed to say lumpectomy not lump!
  • Afraser
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    The issue seems to be about the anaesthetic and/or long term numbness. I had 17 nodes removed and no pain at all but it’s likely that was because the armpit area was completely numb at first (no sense of of being part of my body at all). It has gradually improved over seven years, although the capacity to register hot and cold is still impaired and probably always will be. The positive side is still no pain! 
  • Winetime
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    It’s 3 weeks today since I had all my left armpit nodes removed along with lumpectomy. Not a happy result as am now having double mastectomy in 2 weeks. I feel if there’s a rope under my arm and still terribly sore on the inside arm and back. I thought the pain would be less by now. Feeling very sorry for myself. Wah! 
  • strongtogether
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    Thinking of you @Winetime. Remember that your physio can help a lot with the cording.

  • suburbangirl
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    Hi @Winetime@Jwrenn and @kiwikris72,
    So sorry you are having these issues. I just wanted to pop on and say I also had a tender, sore lymph node site post op and even now, 12 months later, I still choose to wear a soft stretch cotton bra (ie Amoena Frances), as I found the rubbing on the lymph node site too unpleasant.
    I ended up seeing a specialist physio on two occasions for cording and stiffness which really helped. Don't delay making an appointment if you feel you need to.
    My best wishes to you,