Red swelling rash

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I’ve just noticed a red swollen patch on my affected breast. It looks like the breast lymphoedema rash, and I do have lymphoedema in that area which has been treated for the 3 years since surgery. Last week I went to the physio lymphoedema for massage and she said I had made steady progress and that I was almost at the end of her treatment. Now yesterday this 5 cent raised red patch, surrounded by the telltale orangepeel and blush for a 6cm diameter area. Any thoughts out there?


  • Afraser
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    Whatever it is, get it checked. It may well be nothing of concern but for your own peace of mind get it looked at. Best wishes. 
  • primek
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    To the Dr for review asap. Hopefully it's nothing but not worth leaving it regardless of the cause. You will only worry until seen anyway.