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I have been taking for the past 2 and a half years  Tamoxifen 
I was first prescribed 
GenRx in a bottle 
then a year ago
I was given Tamoxifen Sandoz in a box
went to the Chemist and was told both are out of stock and has been for several months 
the chemist has prescribed me
Nolvadex D and the price has increased by 4.00 the government has put a surcharge on pills
has any one taken Nolvadex D l?


  • kezmusc
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    Hi @Stork.  

    I switched from Genox to Novladex as way too many awful side effects on Genox.  They say that all brands are the same but I beg to differ and so do a lot of people. The Novladex is far preferable to the other.
    Hope it goes well for you.
  • mtansyz
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    I have been recently switched to Genox...interestingly the pharmacist said at the time that they were having real trouble sourcing my original one, and had to order the Genox in....perhaps there is a wider shortage of tamoxifen for some reason?
    Best Wishes! 
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    Could not find Gen Rx anywhere- using Novaladex
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    I’ve been told will more than likely go on Tamoxifen or something similar after my surgery, but my ER/PR is negative and from what I’ve read this drug isn’t helpful, am I wrong.  Still trying to understand everything