Happy New Year

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My best wishes to all for a better 2020! I am not sure that 2019 rates as the best of years, quite irrespective of personal circumstances, so here’s to a happier, more constructive and hopeful New Year. 


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    A very Happy New Year to all. May our/your lives be filled with good health, peace, love and happiness.
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    I LOVE that gif, @Mira   - where did you find it??  

    All the best for 2020 to everyone - there will be quite a few who will be very glad to see the back of 2019 for a variety of reasons - so hoping that 2020 brings everything that you desire xxx

    My thoughts & prayers are with all those who have been so badly impacted by the bushfires & are currently facing them now  xxxx    These are extraordinarily difficult times, even if not near the fires.  Most will know someone who has been impacted.  Those fire fighters in the air & on the ground are just remarkable.  HUGE RESPECT.
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    Hello everyone and happy New Year!
    I was diagnosed in February 2019 so last year was reasonably significant for me :)
    I don't want to sound like a Pollyanna but I do consider myself very lucky to live in this country with skilled medicos etc (not to mention the technology!) and receive world class treatment.
    I am also very grateful for this forum, it is so helpful to know I am not alone.
    Despite family and friends around us, only 'WE KNOW'.

    I agree with @arpie, I cannot imagine the horror of these ghastly bushfires, sending my best wishes to all,